Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area

Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area

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Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area

Introduction: IntroductionLianquanxianggu Scenic Area is a total 70 kilometers  from Beijing, west colle..

Tickets:Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area fee and opening hoursAdmission 15yuan,7.5yuan/student

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please pay attention to avoid thief. 2.Take care of your child. 3.You had better use s..

Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area Maps

Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area Introduction

Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area is a total 70 kilometers  from Beijing, west collect to Yanjing Badaling. There is a peak, which is 200 meters high, and earns its name for it looks like the ancestor of human beings. Yougushentan Lianquanxianggu Gorge Scenic Area is composed of Tiangong cave and Maotou mountain, and the main scenic spots include Santanerpu, Shenmachang, Wuyue Bingchuan, and Shennong Hot Spring etc. Beijing belongs to a warm sub-continental monsoon climate; its summer is hot and rainy while winter is cold and dry. Spring and fall are short. Its annual average temperature is 10-12 ℃. The best time for travel is from April to November.

Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area Features

At the bottom of the gorge, there are shallow clean brooks, unique stones, cliffs, rock caves. o­n the cliff, there is a bat cave, it is said that bats always fly out and in from the cave, which is grand. Forests are complete in the gorge. At the elevation of 150 meters to 300 meters there are 18 square cavities which are 2 to 3 meters, and 3 meters deep, and the coffins of Cuban ancestors exist in there. Cuban created wonders and folk-custom culture with their wisdom leaving a valuable treasure for afterworld.

Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area Tickets

Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area fee and opening hours
Admission 15yuan,7.5yuan/student

Lianquanxianggu Scenic Area Transporation

Bus 916 from Dongzhimen-Qixiacha
Drive from Sanyuanqiao-Jingshun road- Yanqihuandao

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