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Dongyue Temple

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Dongyue Temple

Introduction: IntroductionDongyue Temple lies in Chaoyangmen Outer Street,east of Chaoyang District,covering ..

Tickets:Dongyue temple fee and opening hoursAdmission 10yuan, 5yuan/studentOpening hours 8:30-16

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please respect the habitude when visiting the temple. Respect bonze in the temple.2.Do n..

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Dongyue Temple Introduction

Dongyue Temple lies in Chaoyangmen Outer Street,east of Chaoyang District,covering an area of 60,000 square meters,the largest temple in North China built by Taoism. Initially built in the Yuan Dynasty, The main buildings of the temple are concentrated in the main courtyard. Orderly arranged and magnificent, it was built as an imperial palace. The courtyard has a central axis, o¬n which sit a glazed tile archway, the gate of the temple (already demolished), a gateway, Zhandai Gate, Daizong Hall, and Yude Hall. These are symmetrically flanked by Sanmaojun Hall, Binglinggong Hall, Fucaishen Hall, Guangsishen Hall, 76 sacred offices, and east and west imperial archways. All these buildings are divided into six courtyards which are separate but connected along the central axis.

Dongyue Temple Features

The temple is well known for housing many figures of deities, couplets and plaques, and stele inscriptions. It enshrines Emperor Dongyue and related deities as well as founders of many trades or professions. The great number of deities it enshrines translates into little difficulty in finding the suitable o¬nes to worship, which has been attracting, since ancient times, a huge number of worshippers. All the gates of the halls are flanked or topped by couplets and plaques inscribed with adages or sayings of great literary and artistic value, exhorting people to do goodness and keep away from evil. In history the number of steles in the temple had ranked first in Beijing. A saying among old dwellers of Beijing goes to the effect that the number is uncountable, yet records show that it is more than160. Most of the steles record renovation efforts in the past dynasties and sacrifices offering by common people. Four very special steles have been given funny nicknames in a doggerel well known to old Beijing dwellers. Now there are 89 steles in the east and west ‘stele forests’ in the middle courtyard. After renovation, the temple has been made the o¬nly state-run museum of folk customs in Beijing, and named Beijing Folk Custom Museum. In 1999 the main courtyard was open to public.

Dongyue Temple Tickets

Dongyue temple fee and opening hours
Admission 10yuan, 5yuan/student
Opening hours 8:30-16:30

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