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Swan Lake

Introduction: Swan Lake is located in Yudos Basin,which is about 2400 meters above sea level,surrounded by S..

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Swan Lake Introduction

Swan Lake is located in Yudos Basin,which is about 2400 meters above sea level,surrounded by Snow covered Mountains o­n all sides.The Basin is somewhat flat about 1000 sq km of lakes and swamps.

Shallow beaches and islets distributed all over,making the basin am an ideal habitat for water fowl.In the early spring of every year,flocks of swan came to lay eggs,often 30 add days of hatching the young birds came into being.In another two months,the young begin to try their wings to practise flying.The swan with their young birds migrate south before the approach of winter.According to observations by scientists,three kinds of swan have been recorded in the Yurdos Basin,they are big-species swan,the wart-nosed swan,and small species swan.In all,they number over 10,000 with the big-species swan as majority.The lakes are also home of over 70 kinds of other rare species of fowl,all of them are now under the protection of our country.The Swan Lake is more far away than the heavenly lake but it is much better than heavenly lake near Urumqi.Wuth bug pasture land,one can eith trek near the lake or horse riding.You can also live the Yurts.There are also not many tourist.The scenery is just like postcards.

Swan Lake Features

Actually, there are two swan lakes in china. o­ne is in Shandong province, while the other o­ne is here in Mt. tianshan, Xinjiang province.There is a national natural reserve here called Bayinbuluke. Bayinbuluke grassland is the second largest grassland in China with an area of 24,000 km2 and an altitude of 2,300-2,800 meters.

The main residence here are Mongolian people, consisting a percentage of 78% of the local people. The local people are well-known for their protection of swans, which makes them get along well with swans. when the night falls, it is the time swans went out looking for food. You will see many beautiful and elegant swans swimming in the lake.

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How to get there:

Trains and planes are recommendly to first get to Kuche, for it is said that highways are a little dangerous. Then buses and cars are available to the Bayinbuluke grassland.

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