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Mount Qianshan

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Mount Qianshan

Introduction: Located in the middle of Liaoning province, Mt. Qianshan Scenic spot is 17 kilometers away in..

Tickets:   Mt. Qianshan is the “Garden-Temple-Mountain Scenic spot, ” which was o­ne..

Travel Tips:Opening Hour: 8:30 ~ 17:00Admission Fees: CNY20

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Mount Qianshan Introduction

Located in the middle of Liaoning province, Mt. Qianshan Scenic spot is 17 kilometers away in the east of Anshan city, and 30 kilometers away in the south of Liaoyang city. The total area of the spot is 125 square kilometers; the planned area is 72 square kilometers, among which the central area of the scenic spot is 44 square kilometers. Mt. Qianshan, also called Jicui Mountain (Mountain of Green Pines and Verdant Cypresses)in the ancient time, another for it is Qianding Mountain( Mountain of o­ne Thousand Peaks),  Qianhua Mountain and Qianduo Lianhua Mountain ( Mountain of o­ne Thousand Lotuses), and it enjoys the fame of “ The Northeast Pearl”.

Mount Qianshan Features

The scenery in Mt. Qianshan is very pleasing in the four seasons, and the fine natural place nurtures the environment. The pear blossoms fall like snow in the spring; the fine pines and cypresses seem very dewy in the summer; red leaves cover the mountain in the autumn; the mountain is covered with snow in the winter. Qianshan is rich in forests with verdant pines and cypresses and other prosperous woods. The afforestation coverage is over 95%, and there are more than ten thousand pine trees about more than o­ne hundred years old. There are diversified species of animals and plants in the mountain, which is, too, the treasury of Chinese herbal medicines. There are plentiful of fruits and dry nuts such as pears, hawthorns, hazelnuts and walnuts etc., among which there are more than 20 kinds of pears, and Xiangshui(sweety) Pears and Nanguo Pears are well-known special products. Besides, there are also more than o­ne hundred birds such as the rare black-headed storks.

Mount Qianshan Tickets

   Mt. Qianshan is the “Garden-Temple-Mountain Scenic spot, ” which was o­ne of the first China's key scenic spots approved by the country in 1982, and was offered the fame of “China's AAAA Tourist Site” in 2002; it won the title of the “China's Civilized Scenic Spot in 2006”(the Well-Managed Scenic Spot).

Mount Qianshan Transporation

Though not as imposing as China's Five-sacred Mountains, Mt. Qianshan has charms and oddness of the o­ne thousand peaks. It is so-called that “There is no that is not marvelous, no rock that is not precipitous,no temple that is not quaint, nor any place that is not quiet.”Mt. Qianshan is the holy place for Buddhism and Taoism in the northeast of China as both Buddhists and Taoists live in the same mountain. Tourists can hear the morning bell and the dusk drum, with the incenses curling in the air, and they can hear the sound of the wooden fish, and the drifting Buddhist music. Particularly, situated in the mountains, the world largest natural stone Buddha, Maitreya, adds some mysteries to Mt. Qianshan. There are over 300 scenic spots in Mt. Qianshan, dotted in the Immortal Summit Spot__ China's Forestry Park, the Great Maitreya Scenic Spot, and the Sky above Skies Spot, the Five-Buddha Summit Scenic Spot and the Garden of Birds etc.

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