Jiiuzhaigou Valley

Jiiuzhaigou Valley

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Jiiuzhaigou Valley

Introduction: Geographic LocationJiuzhaigou Valley is located at the foot of Mt. Gonggang of Minshan Moutains..

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Jiiuzhaigou Valley Introduction

Geographic Location

Jiuzhaigou Valley is located at the foot of Mt. Gonggang of Minshan Moutains in Jiuzhaigou Country of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province.It is 29 kilometers wide from east to west and 47 kilometers long from north to south,covering an area of 720 square kilometers.

Status and Reputaion

In 1978,it was ratified as the National Nature Reserve for the Giant Panda and for the forest ecosystem.

In 1982,it was designated as o­ne of the first group of China National Key Tourist Resorts.]

In 1990,it was ratified as o­ne of China's 40 Top Tourist Resorts.

On October 14,1992,it was inscribed o­n the List of World Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

On October 29,1997,it was admitted into the World Biophere Reserves by the United Nations.

In 2,000,it was rated as the State 4A-Level Scenic Area by the China National Tourism Administration.

In 2004,it was ratified as o­ne of the National Geological Parks.

Jiiuzhaigou Valley Features

Scenic Features

Jiuzhaigou Valley always delights tourist from home and abroad with its emerald lakes,layered waterfalls,colorful forests,snow-clad and idyllic beauty of its landscapes.As a tourist resort it boasts 108 lakes,47 springs,17 splashing waterfalls,11 turbulent streams,5shoals and 9 Tibetan villages.All these scenic sights,set against the backdrop of 92 snowy peaks,create a unique natural landscape of  high mountains and deep gullies in Jiuzhaigou.The water,the soul of Jiuzhaigou will no longer appreciate the water landscape again".Varying in size and shape,sparkling with colors in brilliant sunlight,the more than 100 lakes define the waterscapes and form their essence.The unique tourist culture of Jiuzhaigou is captured by the purity of the green water,the reflections in the lakes,the stone mills,the Tibetan villages,the Buddhist sutra-streamers and the fold songs and dances of virgin forests,Jiuzhaigou is also a botanical and zoological paradise,a habitat of dese conifers and broadleaf trees for such rare and endangered animals as the Giant Panda,the Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey,and the White-Lipped Deer.

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