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Temple of Heaven

Introduction: IntroductionThe Temple of Heaven located in the south of Beijing, The Temple of Heaven is the ..

Tickets:The Temple of Heaven fee and opening hoursAdmission:Dull season (1st ,December –31st , Mar..

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Temple of Heaven Introduction

The Temple of Heaven located in the south of Beijing, The Temple of Heaven is the place for heaven and earth worshipping. It was considered as the most beautiful and exquisite ancient architecture with its construction layout, unique structure and magnificent decorations, and has a great reputation in the world. A Chinese museum was built in “Disney world”, Orlando, America. The symbol of this museum imitates The Hall of Prayer For Good Harvests. It emphasizes “Heaven” everywhere.
The Temple of heaven was built in the 18th year of Yongle (1420), covering an area of 2,700,000 square meters. And it is divided into inner and outer Altar. The major buildings are in inner Alter. The Circular Mound Altar and Imperial Vault of Heaven is located in the south while the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest and Hall of Heavenly Emperor in the north; the two groups are connected by a corridor which is 2.5 meters high, 28 meters wide, and 360 meters long. The collectivity design of The Temple of Heaven emphasizes “the heaven” from its layout to the detail. When people arrive at the temple, looking around, and the first view is the pictures of vast sky and The Hall of Prayer For Good Harvests symbolizing heaven, the feeling of near to the heaven occurred. This corridor is called Haiman Road, because the ancients thought that worshipping in the Temple of Heaven equals to go up to the heaven and it is a long distance between the world and heaven. Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest is 38 meters high, and it is a lofty cone-shaped structure with triple eaves, and the top is crowned by a gilded ball. The roof is covered by blue glazed tiles, symbolizing heaven. The hall has 28 massive wooden pillars, forming inner, middle, outer concentric rings of pillars. The four central pillars are called the Dragon Well Pillars which represents spring, summer autumn and winter. The inner 12 pillars symbolize the twelve months while the outer ring the twelve divisions of the day and night. o­n the center of The Hall of Prayer For Good Harvest lays a round stone platform, o­n which is a precious throne decorated with dragon carvings. Outside the Hall of Prayer For Good Harvest, there are two annex halls o­n the east and west. Hall of Heavenly Emperor is behind it.

Temple of Heaven Features

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest is located o­n a round white marble platform which covers over 5900 square meters. And the platform which is 6 meters high has three terraces. There is a flight of steps with marble carvings of auspicious dragons and phoenixes at each terrace. This platform and hall is an article integrity which can not be divided. Extending to south, porches get smaller and smaller. You’ll feel falling down from the heaven. No wonder a French construction expert said skyscraper is higher than the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, but the former does not have the grand and deep artistic conception possessed by the latter.
The hall was o­nce destroyed by lightning in 1889 (the 15th year of Guangxu). As the story goes, pillars at that period are made from sandal wood. While pillars were burning, the flavor smell passed several miles. The next year, Guangxu asked ministers to discuss the matter of reconstruction. As they can not find the original draft, the officials called the craftsmen together. They rebuilt it by their memory. The construction today is the style of Guangxu, Qing dynasty. But the basic form and structure is the style of Ming dynasty.
The other major construction is Imperial Vault of Heaven. It was a place for storing the tablets of God for ceremonial worship. It is more than 19 meters high, and its diameter is 15.6 meters. It is constructed with brick and wood, smaller than the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest: topped by a gilded ball and blue glazed roof tiles. The round basement is made of white marble encircled by marble balustrades. The Echo Wall is the wall encircling the Imperial Vault of Heaven, and it is very smooth and the bricks of the wall are perfectly matched, so it creates a good sound effect.
The tourists visiting here are happy to have a try with the Echo Wall. Another major construction is Circular Mound Altar. It has three outdoor round terraces. Each terrace is surrounded by white marble balustrades. It is in geometry shape, and uses the numbers of 9’s times in terrace, ring, and balustrades. These numbers symbolize the ninth layer of heaven where the God lives

Temple of Heaven Tickets

The Temple of Heaven fee and opening hours
Dull season (1st ,December –31st , March ): ¥10 per person In season (1st , April to 31st October ): ¥15 per person The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest: ¥20 per person Through ticket: ¥30 per person in dull season ¥35 per person in season.
Open hour 8:30-18:30. Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is closed at 17:00

Temple of Heaven Transporation

It is very convenient to get to the Temple of Heaven. There are more than ten lines through it.
You can get to inner street in Chongwen District by taking bus 17、20、54、106、116、120、6、35、39、122、803、special line 3

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