Mt. Wudang---Picturesque and Solemn

Mt. Wudang---Picturesque and Solemn

Mt. Wudang---Picturesque and Solemn Pictures Gallery

Mt. Wudang---Picturesque and Solemn

Introduction: In the hinterland of China, there erects a mountain which integrated charming landscapes and cu..

Tickets:Admission fee: 110RMB/person  Opening hours: All day 

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Mt. Wudang---Picturesque and Solemn Introduction

In the hinterland of China, there erects a mountain which integrated charming landscapes and cultural relics-----Mt. Wudang. Located in Shiyan in western Hubei, it is both a famous scenic spot and the Taoist Holy Land in China. The ancient architectural complex o­n the mountain was listed by UNESCO in 1994 as a World Culture Heritage Site. And the best time for visitors to there is spring and summer. The major peak is prominent, with its surrounding peaks relatively lower. In major scenic spots, there are 72 peaks, 36 rocky cliffs, and 24 streams. Tianzhu Peak, its highest point, creates a striking view of "One Pole Supporting the Sky." Clustered around it are numerous smaller o­nes, composing a fantastic picture of 72 peaks paying homage to the main o­ne. In the mountain, warm and wet weather takes majority of the days. There are many kinds of plants and animal, including over 400 kinds of precious herbal medicine. The famous travelers in Ming Dynasty, Xu Xiake said that “Mt. Wudang has elegant and beautiful mountains, with peaceful and peculiar landscapes”. Moreover, Mt. Wudang has a large amount of ancient buildings and historical relics. Travelers all over the world come to Mt. Wudang to appreciate the beautiful landscapes and experience the deep cultural charms of Chinese Taoism.

Mt. Wudang---Picturesque and Solemn Features

History and Culture
Mt. Wudang was regarded as the key scenery spots of China, the famous mountain of Taoism and the cradle of Wudang Fist. In Tang Dynasty, the emperor built Wulong Temple here, and in Song and Yuan Dynasty, temples and building became prospering in Mt. Wudang. The extensive construction o­n Mt. Wudangshan was carried out when Emperor Zhu of the Ming Dynasty was making great efforts to expand external contacts and promote Taoism in the country. He intended to consolidate his rule by instilling into his subordinates the idea that the imperial power is endowed by Heaven. Therefore, these Taoist buildings are of great significance for the study of the history and religious belief of that period.Mt. Wudang is renowned as Immortals' Mountain of Taoism and the World for Swordsman. It is a famous Taoist center in China with a long history of Taoist practice and a profound Taoist culture. It is also well-known for its deep-rooted tradition of wushu (martial arts). As an old saying goes: "Shaolin wushu is the best in the north, while Wudang wushu is the best in the south."

Mt. Wudang---Picturesque and Solemn Tickets

Admission fee: 110RMB/person
Opening hours: All day

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