Jinggangshan mountain

Jinggangshan mountain

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Jinggangshan mountain

Introduction: IntroductionMount Jinggangshan is located in the border line of Hunan and Jiangxi Province, sou..

Tickets:Jinggangshan fee and opening hoursAdmission: 100 yuan/per in busy season (April-November)&nbs..

Travel Tips:TipsJi’an City belongs to subtropical monsoonal humid climate, the winter and spring is cold ..

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Jinggangshan mountain Introduction

Mount Jinggangshan is located in the border line of Hunan and Jiangxi Province, southwest of Jiangxi Province, in the middle section of Luoxiao Mountain, covering an area of about 213.5 square kilometers, consisting of Ciping, Longtan, Huangyangjie, Wuzhifeng, Bijiashan, Xiaokou, Tongmuling, Xiaozhou, 8 great scenic spots in total, combining the great style and spirit of Jingxi with amazing natural sceneries.
The mountain is high, and the forest is dense here, the mountain is very steep. In the autumn of 1927, Chairman Mao and Zhu De leaded the Red Army to set the first country revolution base here, and cut a new way to let the country surround the city, so Jingganshan is also called" the Cradle of Revolution". Now there are over 30 revolution sites in the mountain, and 10 of them are protected sites. You could revere the great feats of the pioneers while enjoying the beautiful sceneries in Jinggangshan.

Jinggangshan mountain Features

Jinggangshan in clouds and mists
The breathtaking mountains boast 100-odd peaks unique in shape, of the peaks, some look like tigers leaping over the deep
stream, appearing in all their glory as if they were made by uncanny craftsmanship.
The Nanping Peak, a sheer rise of thousands of feet, stretches for tens of miles, with hard rocks rocketing into the sky. The rocks in the shape of birds of beasts look so lifelike that they seem to change according to your imagination.
The Five Fingers Peak with an elevation of 1583 meters, is the highest peak and major symbol of Jinggangshan. It is so named because the peak, when standing together, resembles five fingers. The fame of the Five Fingers Peak grows with the print of its picture o­n 100-yuan RMB bill.

Jinggangshan mountain Tickets

Jinggangshan fee and opening hours
Admission: 100 yuan/per in busy season (April-November)
                      60 yuan/per in low season (December- March)
Opening hours: 8:00-16:00

Jinggangshan mountain Transporation

 There are coaches direct to Ciping in Nanchang, Ji’an and Suizhou. And there are also buses to the scenic spots in Cipin. In addition, the cars from Nanchang, Ganzhou and Changsha could pass through Taihe, Suizhou and Nigang to enter the scenery.

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