Mt.Heng---Popular and Charming

Mt.Heng---Popular and Charming

Mt.Heng---Popular and Charming Pictures Gallery

Mt.Heng---Popular and Charming

Introduction: White clouds and mist among Mt.Heng, in Hunan province, are the beautiful scenery as in parad..

Tickets:Admission fee: 80RMB/person Opening hours: 7:00-20:00

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Mt.Heng---Popular and Charming Introduction

White clouds and mist among Mt.Heng, in Hunan province, are the beautiful scenery as in paradise. In the past few days, rain fell in Nanyue City, and the temperature dropped below zero o­n the Peak of Mt.Heng. Thin snow formed a spectacle of all white trees. According to local meteorological department's forecast, temperatures will not rise soon in recent 3 or 4 days. It is right time to watch fog o­n Mt.Heng.
If you want to climb Mt.Heng, venture to a nearby village called Nanyue to begin your hike. The temples o­n the mountain are mostly charming and small, meaning that an ascent to the top, including visiting numerous temples, and a return to the village, should not take more than around 10hrs (i.e. a long day).
The South Mountain (Mount Hengshan) is the Shou Mountain in China's Five Sacred Mountains. Its blessing and Shou culture has a long history and over a long time, it is a halidome for blessing and begging for long life. South Mountain was called the Shou Mountain since the Han dynasty. The mountain in May your age be as high as the South Mountain popular in folks is the South Mountain. For thousands of years, the South Mountain has been respected as the symbol of long life and prosperity.

Mt.Heng---Popular and Charming Features

History and Culture
It is located about 120km south of Changsha, in the hengyan city. The numerous temples o­n the mountain are of long history. It is thought that the original temple dated back as far as the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), although it has been destroyed by fire at various stages. The present temple dates back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD) and is based o­n Beijing's Imperial Palace.
Mt.Heng(Mount Heng), sometimes called Southern Heights Mountain (Nanyue Shan), is o­ne of the five sacred Buddhist Mountains in China, although much of the mountain is also dedicated to Taoist belief. It is a pretty area that quite popular (crowded), although charming Buddhist and Taoist temples, some dating back over 1000 years, and delightful scenery to make it worth your while.
There are nine courtyards, with the main hall at the center, at 22 meters high and supported by 72 stone pillars in tribute to the mountain's peaks. The temple, glazed in red and yellow, is linked with many other buildings and forms a grand palace complex.

Mt.Heng---Popular and Charming Tickets

Admission fee: 80RMB/person
Opening hours: 7:00-20:00

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