Dali Ancient Town

Dali Ancient Town

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Dali Ancient Town

Introduction: Dali Ancient Town is about 13km away from Xiaguan in Dali City and is o­ne of Dali's..

Tickets:Dali's newly finished administrative district that houses the newly opened Dali Internation..

Travel Tips:The new city is known as Xiaguan and is south of the old city. The old city was built during..

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Dali Ancient Town Introduction

Dali Ancient Town is about 13km away from Xiaguan in Dali City and is o­ne of Dali's Three Ancients-ancient city, ancient pagoda and ancient steles. History of Dali can be dates back to 1382 during the Ming Dynasty and it has been listed among the top historic cities of China.

Dali Ancient Town Features

Unlike any other Chinese town, the traditional Bai ethnic folk houses give the town distinctive feel. The town's layout was uniform, with five main streets from south to north and eight main streets from east to west, while marketplaces were neatly arranged within the town, which has remained unchanged to this date. Besides the Bai houses, the houses with gray-green roof tiles, peculiar workshops, temples, schools and churches with antique flavor are scattered. Traditional marble artworks, like pencil vases, striped screen, and a variety of woven handicrafts of fine straw are laid chockablock o­n both sides of the street to be appreciated and purchased. Its grand city wall, traditional Bai houses and marvelous scenery have been attracted many visitors.

Dali Ancient Town Tickets

Dali's newly finished administrative district that houses the newly opened Dali International Convention Center is in Longshan District. The Dali government's urban planning keeps its old and new districts separate, so those coming here for the first time often feel they have entered a time tunnel.

Dali Ancient Town Transporation

Dali is also famous for the many types of marble it produces, which are used primarily in construction and for decorative objects. In fact, Dali is so famous for the stone that the name of marble in Chinese is literally Dali Stone.

The Best Hotels in Dali Ancient Town

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    Golden Dali Hotel

    Three-star DaliXiaguan Price:-

    The Golden Dali Hotel (Jinda Jiudian) is a three-star international hotel located in the Dali Economic Development Zone, 3 km from the center of Xiaguan and close to Erhai Lake (just to..

  • Xinhua International Ecological Park Hotel

    Xinhua International Ecological Park Hotel

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    The Xinhua International Ecological Park Hotel (Xinhua Guoji Shengtaiyuan Binguan) is a courtyard hotel located on the southwest of Xinhua Village Scenic Spot, which immerses guests in a b..

  • nanjian hotel

    nanjian hotel

    Two-star or Less Dali Price:-


  • xinyuanjiaoyufuwuzhongxin hotel
  • Landscape Hotel

    Landscape Hotel

    Four-star DaliGucheng Price:-

    The Landscape Hotel (Lanlinge Jiudian) is located in Dali's ancient historical quarter at the foot of Cang Shan (Mt. Cang)facing the Erhai Sea. It's the only hotel in the region designe..

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