Southern lake park

Southern lake park

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Southern lake park

Introduction: Introduction:The southern lake is located in the 10 kilometers away from the south of Yingsha..

Tickets:The fee and the opening time:The price of the ticket: 10yuan.The particular opening hour need..

Travel Tips:Tips:1. The main language in An’hui is the standard spoken Chinese.2. Anhui has more precipi..

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Southern lake park Introduction

The southern lake is located in the 10 kilometers away from the south of Yingshang county, is 60 kilometers away from Fu Yang. There are more than 10000 acres water in the whole lake.
The best season came to Fuyang is spring and autumn. The best scenic spot suitable to visit in the two season are Bali river scenic spot, Fuyang Natureland and Fuyang west lake. You can see the mists and waves stretch far into the distance, birds compete to fly in the forest. The scenic spot looks like poem and painting, everything is charming to the eye.
The weather is hot in the summer, but dry and cold in the winter, so it is not a good time for the tourists.

Southern lake park Features

The snack in Fuyang will be the necessary choice for the tourists, the whole Huaibei district even though the Zhoukou and Shangqiu has the similar taste in the diet, the snack has a big proportion in the three meals a day.
The most distinguishing food is Gelatiao.
Gelatiao originated Fu Yang at the end of the 1980s, is a kind of peculiar food, and receive the affection of people. You can find it in all the streets and lanes. There is also another food which s called Zhentou mo is the peculiar food of FuYang.
The recommendation snack site is street Liu Fang, it almost collected all the snacks of Fu Yang. The street is located in the center of the city, you can walk there by foot.
The city of Fu Yang is small, and there hasn’t large expensive stores. It is not the shopping paradise for the tourists.
The recommendation place to buy the special and local product: the speciality stores of Local product in Renmin Dong road.

Southern lake park Tickets

The fee and the opening time:
The price of the ticket: 10yuan.
The particular opening hour need to consult the scenic spot.

Southern lake park Transporation

Take bus from Fuyang to Yingshang County

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