Jiangcun of Jingde County

Jiangcun of Jingde County

Jiangcun of Jingde County Pictures Gallery

Jiangcun of Jingde County

Introduction: IntroductionJiangcun where celebrities of ancient and modern times have come forth in great num..

Tickets:Jiangcun of Jingde County Fee and Opening HoursTicket: 48 yuanOpening Hours: please consult th..

Travel Tips:Tips1. Xuancheng-Hangzhou and Wangan (Anhui-Jiangxi) railways meet in Xuancheng City. Train ri..

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Jiangcun of Jingde County Introduction

Jiangcun where celebrities of ancient and modern times have come forth in great number is situated in Jingde Coutny. As to the administrative division, Jiangcun belongs to Anhui. Some of the major tourist attractions in the surroundings of the town of Jiangcun are Suzhou about 144 km, Mount Huangshan about 139 km, F1 Shanghai Circuit, about 201 km.
The city enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate, enjoying four distinct seasons and abundant precipitation. Of the four seasons, summer is the longest. Its annual average temperature falls round 15.6C (60.1F). Most of the rainfall occurs in summer. The plum rain season lasts from mid-June to early July. Xuancheng is favorable for traveling all the year round, especially in May, July, August and October.

Jiangcun of Jingde County Features

Xuancheng city is rich in resource. The three treasures in the study Xuan paper, Xuan writing brush, Chinese ink in Anhui province, ancient building in Jixi County, and food culture in Xuancheng city represent the core of Anhui culture. The superior quality tea
such as Green tea in Jingting Mountain, black tea in Yongxi, and Yashan tea, and wild walnut, jujube, Chinese chestnut, gingko, green plum, and air-dried bamboo shoots are all famous precious local products in Xuancheng city. Jing County is the hometown of Xuan paper, the most famous paper in China. Kangxi County was rewarded as the hometown of green tea in China by ministry of agriculture. Guangde County was regarded as o­ne of the ten hometown of bamboo by the State Forestry bureau. Ningguo city, a city at county level, was known as the hometown of Yuanzhu bamboo and wild walnut.

Jiangcun of Jingde County Tickets

Jiangcun of Jingde County Fee and Opening Hours
Ticket: 48 yuan
Opening Hours: please consult the staff for detail

Jiangcun of Jingde County Transporation

You could take a shuttle bus from Xuancheng to Jingde County, then arrive to the scenic area by local taxi.

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