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Taiping Bridge

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Taiping Bridge

Introduction: Introduction:Built in the Hongzhi period of Ming Dynasty, also known as Hexi Bridge, Taiping B..

Tickets:The Taiping Bridge Fee and Opening Hours:For the admission fee and opening hours, please refer..

Travel Tips:Tips:1. Shexian County has many local specialties, such as honey date, various kinds of famou..

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Taiping Bridge Introduction

Built in the Hongzhi period of Ming Dynasty, also known as Hexi Bridge, Taiping Bridge lies in the west gate of Shexian County, Anhui Province. With a length of 279.87 meters and a width of 6.9 meters, it is a stone arch bridge that has 2 lanes and 16 holes.
Located in the subtropics, Shexian County has a wet mild monsoon climate. It is free of severe winter cold and summer hot. The comfortable weather affords good opportunities to travel throughout the year. The best seasons to travel Shexian County are spring and autumn.

Taiping Bridge Features

Surrounded by green mountains and crystal water, Shexian County is rich in cultural relics, residences, memorial temples, and memorial arches. The county is an art museum of classical architecture.
Strolling in it, you can see the towers, bridges, lanes and wells in Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties styles everywhere. The beautiful scenery and exquisite architecture win it the fame of water town, mountain town and bridge town. The rich county has attracted many men of letters in history to come and praise its beauty.
As an ancient cultural center, it gave birth to many cultural schools, such as the Xin'an School in painting, the Xin'an School in medicine, the Hui School in architecture, and the Hui School in woodblock painting. The Huizhou Culture, along with the Dunhuang Study, and the Tibetan Study, are reputed as three Local Studies in China. Over the centuries, Shexian has given birth to many outstanding people, including Cheng Yi, Cheng Ying, Zhu Xi, Jian Jiang, Huang Binhong, and Tao Xingzhi.

Taiping Bridge Tickets

The Taiping Bridge Fee and Opening Hours:
For the admission fee and opening hours, please refer to the staff.

Taiping Bridge Transporation

Tourist can reach the Taiping Bridge by walk because the Shexian County is very small.

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