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Taibai book hall

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Taibai book hall

Introduction: Introduction:The main building is tall, solemnly, quaint, bright and clean, environment is el..

Tickets:Taibai book hall fee and the opening time:The ticket is free.The opening time is from 8:00

Travel Tips:Tips:The highest peak of Jiuhua Mountain is Shiwang peak, it was 1342 meters high, it was no..

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Taibai book hall Introduction

The main building is tall, solemnly, quaint, bright and clean, environment is elegant, houses has the unique style of southern Anhui. There are two ancient ginkgo tree, was commonly known as "living fossils" and was left from the third-century. There is a Taibai wells beside the tree, was  drilled at the beginning of the Song Dynasty, it was said that Libai drink tea here.
Leave the Taibai book hall, you can travel to Fahua temple, Li hut.
Taibai book hall was built in 1237 year, and was established by Cai yuanlong, in order to memory Libai. Inner the Hall,
upscale writing-set, celebrity calligraphy and painting are sold.
. Jiuhua Mountain belongs to the north tropical humid zone monsoon climate. The average temperature is about 13.4℃. And there is more rainy day; the duration of sunshine o­n the top is shorter than that o­n the foot of the mountain. The season in Jiuhua Mountain is different, the summer is later, and the autumn is earlier, the summer is shorter, the winter is longer.
You can travel to Jiuhua Mountain all the time in a year. But the best time is summer and autumn. The Spring of Jiuhua Mountain is very beautiful. The cloud is 90 to 400 meters high, even got to 1000 meters high. O¬n the summit of the Jiuhua Mountain, you can see the cloud sea. The Jiuhau Mountain has the fog year to year, especially in spring and summer. Sometimes the dense fog, drizzles, and low clouds interred together. In the autumn and winter, tourist can hear the song which is sang by the pine.

Taibai book hall Features

Jiuhua Mountain has about o­ne thousand temple which like thousand pearl scatter in fog.
The Jiuhaua mountain is o­ne of four big famous Buddhism mountains in china. Famous a Buddhist temple of ksitigarbha Bodhisattv. And was famous by his numerous temple and hut, and the beautiful scene, became a shining pearl in national culture inheritance.
Since more than 1000 years, Jiuhua Mountain has experienced the prosperity and decline. And it has several stages, and it began from Nanbei dynasty, and established in the middle age of Tang dynasty, and was declined at the end of Tang dynasty and the Five dynasties, and developed in Song and Yuan dynasty, and arrive at the peak in Ming and Qing dynasty.
The dynasty of Hongwu, Xuande, Wanli has repaired the Huacheng temple, the dynasty of Wanli has been bestowed twice.

Taibai book hall Tickets

Taibai book hall fee and the opening time:
The ticket is free.
The opening time is from 8:00am to 5:30pm.

Taibai book hall Transporation

Taibai book hall was near the Dongya restaurant and Julong restaurant, walk from the gate of mountain to Jiuhua street and you will arrive there.

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