Buddha scenery

Buddha scenery

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Buddha scenery

Introduction: Introduction:Buddha scenery was the scenery which conclude lots of different peaks, it is said..

Tickets:Buddha scenery fee and the opening time:The ticket and opening hour consult the staff in sc

Travel Tips:Tips:The highest peak of Jiuhua Mountain is Shiwang peak, it was 1342 meters high, it was no..

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Buddha scenery Introduction

Buddha scenery was the scenery which conclude lots of different peaks, it is said that this peaks has been illuminated by the light of Buddha. So it was called Buddha Scenery.
Jiuhua Mountain belongs to the north tropical humid zone monsoon climate. The average temperature is about 13.4℃. And there is more rainy day; the duration of sunshine o­n the top is shorter than that o­n the foot of the mountain. The season in Jiuhua Mountain is different, the summer is later, and the autumn is earlier, the summer is shorter, the winter is longer.
You can travel to Jiuhua Mountain all the time in a year. But the best time is summer and autumn. The Spring of Jiuhua Mountain is very beautiful. The cloud is 90 to 400 meters high, even got to 1000 meters high. o­n the summit of the Jiuhua Mountain, you can see the cloud sea. The Jiuhau Mountain has the fog year to year, especially in spring and summer. Sometimes the dense fog, drizzles, and low clouds interred together. In the autumn and winter, tourist can hear the song which is sang by the pine.

Buddha scenery Features

It was said that Jinqiaojue live beside the brook with golden Tortoise, read the Confucian classics in Baijing tai, influence the evil person which harm the people. Mingong and his son was aspired by him, they came to visit Jinqiaojue with chicken, the Buddha was also moved by him, and help him fullfil his desire to open the Buddhist temple.
One day, it was nearly the daybreak, the Buddha came to here to instruction Daoist scripture. The Saint monk puts the dried fish away in the west side, good Buddha revering drum in the south side, Jinqiaojue lighted two candles in the both side, and listen carefuuly. The Guanyin also catch up with the cape floating. Instantly auspicious cloud flutters in the Tientai, Buddha photoemission. Half an hour later, the Buddha takes Jin Qiao Jue and the disciple away, o­nly leaves behind pair of tracks. Look up to the sky is the dapeng tingjing stone, the incense burner peak, the candle peak stand at the great cliff , the Golden chicken stone stand at the mountain pass, beside the rill is the golden Tortoise.

Buddha scenery Tickets

Buddha scenery fee and the opening time:
The ticket and opening hour consult the staff in scenic spot.

Buddha scenery Transporation

Walk upward along with the Gubaijing tai, and takes next section of arc mountain road of Shiwang Feng, you can get to the Tiantai feng from Longtou feng, there are lots of beautiful scenery along the road.

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