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Baisui palace

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Baisui palace

Introduction: Introduction:Baisui palace also named Zhaixing hut. Yunxia monk who came from Hebei province t..

Tickets:Baisui palace fee and the opening time:The ticket and opening hour consult the staff in sce

Travel Tips:Tips:The highest peak of Jiuhua Mountain is Shiwang peak, it was 1342 meters high, it was no..

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Baisui palace Introduction

Baisui palace also named Zhaixing hut. Yunxia monk who came from Hebei province traveled to here after he went to Wutai Mountain and Mt. Emei. And he preached and live to 126 years old.
It is said that his body was discovered after 3 years after he died, but his corpse hasn’t rotten. The numerous monks are very surprised, and consecrates him sincerely. And they changed the name of Zhaixing hut to Baisui palace. Emperor Chong Zhen in Ming Dynasty seals him as “Yingshen Bodhisattva”, and filled his body with gold, extend his hut.
Jiuhua Mountain belongs to the north tropical humid zone monsoon climate. The average temperature is about 13.4℃. And there is more rainy day; the duration of sunshine o­n the top is shorter than that o­n the foot of the mountain. The season in Jiuhua Mountain is different, the summer is later, and the autumn is earlier, the summer is shorter, the winter is longer.
You can travel to Jiuhua Mountain all the time in a year. But the best time is summer and autumn. The Spring of Jiuhua Mountain is very beautiful. The cloud is 90 to 400 meters high, even got to 1000 meters high. o­n the summit of the Jiuhua Mountain, you can see the cloud sea. The Jiuhau Mountain has the fog year to year, especially in spring and summer. Sometimes the dense fog, drizzles, and low clouds interred together. In the autumn and winter, tourist can hear the song which is sang by the pine.

Baisui palace Features

It was located in the top of Eastern mountain, the appearance looks like Residents. But it is a large-scale temple which conclude 99 palaces and huts. These buildings were built above the cliff. What serves as contrast with hundred year old of palace is the newly built 500 arhat hall. And it is the new landscape which in Jiuhua mountain.
one of four big jungles in Jiuhaua mountain consecrate the body of Yingshen Bodhisattva and Wuxia monk. 
There are pit hole and megalith inner the Buddhist temple, some megaliths divide the chisel slightly, becomes the unique Buddha place, thus it can be seen the skillful ingenuity of the concreater.

Baisui palace Tickets

Baisui palace fee and the opening time:
The ticket and opening hour consult the staff in scenic spot.

Baisui palace Transporation

Located at Jiuhaua Shan Mokong range, you can arrive there by cable car.

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