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the garden street

Introduction: Introduction:The garden street was located in the crossing of the Changjiang road and Rongshid..

Tickets:the garden street fee and the opening time:The particular opening time need to consult the

Travel Tips:Tips:Hefei is the capital of Anhui, you can buy the Anhui regional local products and the han..

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The garden street was located in the crossing of the Changjiang road and Rongshida street. It got the name of the central garden because it was situated in the center of the Hefei. The garden street is a road which spand from south to north. There are a eruptive fountain group, which is very beautiful and many kind of forms, such as the form of ball, the form of umbrella, and the form of Columnar order.
You can travel in Hefei all of the season, the place is eminent for its natural scenery and its numerous historic site. The best season travel to Hefei is from April to October. Hefei is situated in the transitional area from sub-tropics zone to temperate zone. It has mild and humid climate with clear-cut season divisions. The annual average temperature of the whole province reaches 13 to 16 degrees centigrade. It has rich rainfall with an annual average of 700-1,200 mm. But there are distinctive differences among areas, with the east more than west, south more than north.
The major natural calamities in Hefei are drought、water logging、cold current、low temperature、 rainy、late spring coldness、heavy wind and late frost.

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Hefei is famous as the hometown of baozheng, who is enforce the law strictly, perform the duties upright and was named as “Bao qingtian”. The Baogong’s Ancestral Shrine and Baogong’s Grave are reserved well in the beautiful park of Baohe. And that express the feeling of missing of hundreds of millions of Chinese people from generation to generation. And the hope of that there would be come forth more and more officer like Baozheng.
Today, the human being has been existed for three millions years, and Baozheng has been passed away for two millions years. The most meaningful place to travel in Hefei is Baogong’s Ancestral Shrine and Baogong’s Grave, especially for the officers.
Baozheng is not o­nly the pride of Hefei, but also the pride of China. Though he is the officer of feudal times, but he is famous for his upright and honest. He has been a drama character that who is justice for his people, punish the powers. He has been a classic role of the upright officer. And the real historic role of Baozheng is actually a integrated man. The Millennium years time hasn’t play down the heroic image of Baozheng, but he has been considered the standard of good officer.
But it is a pity that there is never appear the second Baogong in the history of China, but the malfeasant is more and more.
Today, we have stepped into the new century, though the phenomenon of corrupt is still exist in china, with the government’s efforts of anti-corruption, the reform of structure and the effort to speed up the developing of economy, the phenomenon of corruption will be controlled very effectively.

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the garden street fee and the opening time:
The particular opening time need to consult the manager.

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The taxi start by 6 Yuan /2.5 kilometers, at night (23:00-05:00) start by 7.2 Yuan /2.5 kilometers; After surpassing the datum distance in kilometer, 1yuan/km, 1.2yuan/km at night (Xia Li); 1.2yuan/km, 1.44yuan/km at night Sangtana, Fukang.

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