Mt. Mianshan

Mt. Mianshan

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Mt. Mianshan

Introduction: IntroductionFew Westerners visit the site. Maybe the lack of foreigners has something to do wi..

Tickets:Mt. Mianshan Fee and Opening HoursTicket: gate: 60 yuan/per, Longjiling: 15 yuan/per, Zhengg..

Travel Tips:Tips: 1. There is no charge to enter into the Pingyao Old City.2. Most of the historic build..

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Mt. Mianshan Introduction

Few Westerners visit the site. Maybe the lack of foreigners has something to do with the mountain’s little or no mention in Western guide books. But it should be there, up in lights, for Mount Mianshan is something to behold.
Rising from the coal rich plains of Shanxi Province, the mountain is accessed by a snaking road which makes the ears pop at every turn. As the taxi climbed higher, my expectations increased.
Dating back 2,500 years, the mountain has a long Taoist and Buddhist legacy and has seen its share of misfortune, Its bloody history began in the Spring and Autumn Period(770-476BC) when King Wedong burned the forests of the mountain to the ground trying to root out an old acquaintance of his who refused to come down and take up a desk job.
Tragically, the ploy failed and the king’s old friend, Jie Zitui, was found burned to a crisp under a willow tree with his mother clinging to his back. What inspired such a drastic measure was the king’s own conscience. Early in his reign the king was exiled and forced to eke out an existence wandering the land, In an act of supreme loyalty Jie cut a chunk of flesh from his leg and roasted it for his hungry lord.

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Back o­n the throne some time later the king forgot about this act of obeisance and a distraught Jie fled to Mianshan with his mother to live among the dense forests that would eventually lead to his demise. Aghast at what he had done o­n the discovery of Jie’s body the king ordered his old friend be remembered in a festival known as Qingming Jie, which is still celebrated today.
In the years following, Buddhist and Taoist temples were built o­n the mountain and it soon became a palace of devotion for emperors, kings, and pilgrims. But history was not done with Mianshan, and in 1940 the mountain was to suffer another act of barbarism. Aware of the mountain’s religious history and potentially strategic nature, Japanese troops ransacked the temples, pagodas and relics. Fire again cast its evil glow across the precipitous terrain and the mountain was forgotten to history for 50 years.

Mt. Mianshan Tickets

Mt. Mianshan Fee and Opening Hours
Ticket: gate: 60 yuan/per, Longjiling: 15 yuan/per, Zhengguo Temple: 15 yuan/per, Qixian valley and Jiegongling: 25 yuan/per, Guteng valley: 10 yuan/per, Shuitao Ditch: 30 yuan/per

Mt. Mianshan Transporation

Take the direct bus from Taiyuan railway station or coach station to Jiexiu, about two and a half hous, there are special tour bus to Mr. Mianshan.

The Best Hotels in Mt. Mianshan

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