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Baideng Mountain

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Baideng Mountain

Introduction: Introduction:The Baideng Mountain, where famous battle “Baideng Battle” occurred, is located ..

Tickets:The Baideng Mountain Fee and Opening Hours:For the admission fee and opening hours, please ref..

Travel Tips:Tips:1. The temperature in winter is very low. Meanwhile, the indoor and outdoor temperature ..

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Baideng Mountain Introduction

The Baideng Mountain, where famous battle “Baideng Battle” occurred, is located in the east of Datong City. Here the government of Datong set up a stele which records and narrates the scenes of Baideng Battle.
Datong locates in the loess plateau, the geography is complicated and diverse, basically belongs to the temperate zone continental monsoon climate, the average air temperature of year has 6.8 degrees, it is very cold in winter, cooler in summer in Datong, so it is a good place for summer resort. The characteristic here is the big difference in temperature. You had better take o­ne more coat for the algidity in day and night. The best traveling time here is from April to October.

Baideng Mountain Features

In 201 B.C,Han Gao-Zu, the first emperor of Han Dynasty, commanded more than three hundred thousand armymen who were mainly infantries to resist the Huns. In the beginning, the army of Han defeated Hun and advanced. Chanyu, the great chief of the Huns, let some weak and old armymen tempt the army of Han. Han Gao-Zu thought his army was able to annihilate the enemy at o­ne fling. So he led a part of army to pursue the enemy rapidly. However, when they arrived at Baideng Mountain, they were besieged by the strong army of the Huns. Chanyu led four hundred thousand cavalrymen to besiege the Baideng Mountain.
In the Baideng Mountain, the army of Han Gao-Zu was surrounded in seven days. The army lacked victuals and the weather was very bad. Chen Ping, a wise minister, advised the emperor to send a messenger to bribe the Yanzhi who was the title of the wife of the Huns’ chief. Then Han Gao-Zu let a messenger to take many treasures to visit the Yanzhi secretly. The Yanzhi was very satisfied, and she told Modu, “The two masters of two nations can’t persecute each other. Now our army has captured so many places of Han, but you, the great Chanyu, don’t want to live here forever. The emperor of Han has his patron god, too. Please the great Chanyu be circumspect.” Chanyu decided to accept his wife’s advice and open a way. Finally, Han Gao-Zu survived.

Baideng Mountain Tickets

The Baideng Mountain Fee and Opening Hours:
For the admission fee and opening hours, please refer to the staff.

Baideng Mountain Transporation

Take Bus No. 4 in the railway station of Datong City and get off in the stop of the government in Datong County. Then the local Xiali Car can take you to the scenic spot.

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