Tangtou Hotspring

Tangtou Hotspring

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Tangtou Hotspring

Introduction: Introduction:     Situated in the Hunyuan County, the Tangtou Hotspring i..

Tickets:The Tangtou Hotspring Fee and Opening Hours:For the admission fee and opening hours, please re..

Travel Tips:Tips:1. Shoes are the most important thing for keeping warm. A pair of warm and light shoes ..

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Tangtou Hotspring Introduction

     Situated in the Hunyuan County, the Tangtou Hotspring is known for its excellent curative effects in curing skin disease, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism and neurasthenic. A nursing home is founded here for visitors. The Tangtou hotspring is the first hotspring in north of China.
      Datong locates in the loess plateau, the geography is complicated and diverse, basically belongs to the temperate zone continental monsoon climate, the average air temperature of year has 6.8 degrees, it is very cold in winter, cooler in summer in Datong, so it is a good place for summer resort. The characteristic here is the big difference in temperature. You had better take o­ne more coat for the algidity in day and night. The best traveling time here is from April to October.

Tangtou Hotspring Features

Tigu Yangge, a traditional folk dancing, is also called “Di Yangge”, “Tutan Yangge” and “Luan Yangge”. The actors in the dancing are called “Guyu” and the actresses are called “Lahua”. Actors carry a drum in waist and kick the drum by foot. Actresses take drums by right hand and beat the drum when dancing. Tigu Yangge originated from the period of Song and Yuan Dynasty. Now it is popular in the counties around Datong. In the festival of lanterns, Tigu Yangge becomes a indispensable entertainment program. 

Tangtou Hotspring Tickets

The Tangtou Hotspring Fee and Opening Hours:
For the admission fee and opening hours, please refer to the staff.

Tangtou Hotspring Transporation

In the streets of Datong City, you can see taxi in different grades. The starting price for all taxi is 6 yuan for the first three kilometers. And then according to different types of taxi, it will charge 1.2 or 1.4 yuan per kilometer starting from the fourth kilometer.

The Best Hotels in Tangtou Hotspring

  • Yanbei Hotel

    Yanbei Hotel

    Four-star DatongUrban Price:-

    The Yanbei Hotel (Yanbei Binguan) is located in the political and business center of Datong City, 3 km away from Datong Railway Station.Renovated in 2006, the hotel has 204 guestrooms i..

  • Tongmei International Hotel

    Tongmei International Hotel

    Preparatory Four-star Datong Price:-

    The Tongmei International Hotel (Datong Tongmei Guoji Jiudian) is located in the core area of mining area. It is 16 kilometers away from the popular Yungang Grottoes.This Datong hotel hou..

  • Yungang Jianguo Hotel

    Yungang Jianguo Hotel

    Preparatory Five-star Datong Price:-

    The Yungang Jianguo Hotel (Datong Yungang Jianguo Binguan) offers various rooms furnished with 32-inch LCD TVs, DVD players, plush bedding, upscale furniture and free broadband interne..

  • Datong Locomotive Hotel
  • Jing Yuan Hotel

    Jing Yuan Hotel

    Four-star Datong Price:-

    The Jing Yuan Hotel (Jingyuan yingbinguan) is a four star hotel located at the northwest of the city, about 3km from the city center. There is a garden within the hotel. The Jing Yuan h..

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