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Lion Forest Garden

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Lion Forest Garden

Introduction: As o­ne of the four famous gardens of the city of Suzhou, Lion Forest Garden was famous f..

Tickets:Admission fee: RMB 20~30/person Opening hours: 07:30~17:00 

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Lion Forest Garden Introduction

As o­ne of the four famous gardens of the city of Suzhou, Lion Forest Garden was famous for its labyrinthine mountains with winding pathways and caverns, old pines and cypress trees, awesome peaks and jogged rocks of grotesque shapes resembling dancing lions with striking and unusual poses. Covering 1,152 square meters, it is the largest garden of all in Suzhou.
The Hall of Peace and Happiness, o­ne of the principal buildings in the garden, is a masterpiece of typical Mandarin ducks' hall at Suzhou. Divided in halves, the northern half of the hall differs from the southern half in many particular aspects, such as beam-framing systems, furnishings, pavements, carvings, window designs and so forth. With painted patterns and beam carvings and looking splendid in green and gold, the True Delight Pavilion in the royal style with the "True Delight" tablet inscribed by the Qing Emperor Qianlong is a main viewing place in the garden and differs from the other plain and elegant gardens of Suzhou. Other buildings include the Pointing at Cypress Trees Hall, the Asking Prunus Mume Pavilion and the Stone Boat, etc.
Another equally colorful common name for Lion Grove Garden is "The Eighteen Scenic Spots of Heaven" because of many rockeries and circuitous pathways which form a veritable maze that the visitor can stroll through. There are many rockeries in Lion Grove Garden such as Hanhui Rockery, Tuyue Rockery, Xuanyu Rockery and Angxia Rockery. But the most famous of them all is of course the Lion Rockery.
The Lion Forest Garden boasts 22 buildings of varied types, 25 tablets and plateaux, 71 steles inscribed with the famous Calligraphy Collection of the Listening to Rain Tower, 23 brick carvings, 5 carved wooden screens, and 13 valuable old trees such as ginkgo biloba L., pinus bungeana Zucc, etc., which fall into 5 catalogues.
The Lion Forest Garden has for long had the reputation of being "the Kingdom of Rockery". Divided into land and water rockery, the east and west parts, the mountains in the garden, covering 0.28 ac., are made from Lake Tai limestone ingeniously piled up in layers to form peaks, crags, valleys and caverns, enabling the visitor to feel as if in real mountains. There’re 9 mountain paths, 21 caves, and innumerable grotesque rocks, many of them resembling lions with different and striking poses, such as dancing lions, roaring lions, a couple of fighting lions, and lions playing with a ball. The man-made mountains are indeed labyrinthine with winding paths going up and down the mountains, into and out of caves. Visitors, seeing and hearing from o­ne another, may have to travel a very long way to meet, and can find out unusual and unexpected vistas at seemingly blind paths.

Lion Forest Garden Features

History and Culture
Lion Forest Garden was originally built in 1342 in the 2nd year of the reign (CE 1341-1368) of Emperor Zhizhen during the Yuan (CE 1279-1368) Dynasty. According to existing records, Shi Zi Lin was built by a prominent monk by the name of Tian Ru together with a group of fellow Zen students in honor of their master, Chan Zhong Feng, primarily as a temple with surrounding garden grounds. It was originally named Bodhi Orthodox School Temple, but was later called the Lion Grove Garden, partly due to the odd shape of many of the garden's Tai Hu stone formations , which suggested lions in various poses, and partly due to the fact that Chan Zhong Feng had o­nce lived in Lion Cave at Tianmu Mountain.

Lion Forest Garden Tickets

Admission fee: RMB 20~30/person
Opening hours: 07:30~17:00

Lion Forest Garden Transporation

You can take No.1, No.2 or No.5 touring bus, No.202 (former No.2), No.204 (former No.4 bus), No.23, No.549 (former No.29 bus), No.40, No.78, No.301 and No.305 bus to Lion Grove Garden. You can visit Suzhou Folk Custom Museum at the same time and go to Humble Administrator's Garden after walking o­ne hundred meters southwards along Garden Road.

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