The Giant Buddha temple

The Giant Buddha temple

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The Giant Buddha temple

Introduction: Introduction:The giant Buddha, also known as Jinyin Temple is located in Tutang Village, 20 ki..

Tickets:The Giant Buddha temple fee and Opening hour:8 yuan opening hour:9:00-18:00

Travel Tips:Tips:As the local coal mines is rich, the wind often blows with black sand, so you'd bet..

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The Giant Buddha temple Introduction

The giant Buddha, also known as Jinyin Temple is located in Tutang Village, 20 kilometers away from Taiyuan,  Shanxi Province. The temple is N-S Facing, the east is Fen river. The towering Cooper, all kinds of trees offer a large shade.  According to Inscription records, because a soil landslides in Han dynasty, it cracked as a hole, the high mound inside the cave, appealed like the shape of Buddha. It was said that the Buddha came in landslides, is a cause of the Pure Land Buddhist, so the temple built here.

The Giant Buddha temple Features

According to research, the temple was built in the Northern Qi Dynasty, afterwards it had reconstruction and rehabilitation in Ming Dynasty for many times. Except the existing body of the two stone lions belong to Jin Dynasty sculpture, all left are the relics of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In front yard ,there are Tiantu hall and Dongpei hall, and it is separated by the walls and doors in middle, in backyard lies Main Hall, the Hall of Ocean and the Tibetan Temple. Hall of the statue had been decorted in the Qing Dynasty, without the style of Ming Dynasty.  
On both sides of the temple, there is a pavilion relying o­n hill, with a deep hole enshrine a Buddha and twain Bodhisattva. Buddha is 9 meter high , and the former two serve about. The Cooper next to the temple, for its strange, weird figure, commonly known as "strange land Hall Park," it is regarded as o­ne of the wonders of Taiyuan, also a view of Jinyang.

The Giant Buddha temple Tickets

The Giant Buddha temple fee and Opening hour:
8 yuan
opening hour:9:00-18:00

The Giant Buddha temple Transporation

Buses, trams-based, 24-hour taxi can be seen everywhere in the city. For foreign tourists, it will be very important for foreign tourists to master the special tour line and transfer method. Bus fare in the urban area is 1.00 yuan, and it charges by section in the suburbans. The basic charge of taxi is 6 yuan for the first three kilometers, and 5 yuan/km for the exceeding.

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