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Guchaoyin Scenic Spot

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Guchaoyin Scenic Spot

Introduction: IntroductionGuchaoyin Cave, the rafting in the Yuyang River, the villages for holidays ect.The..

Tickets:Guchaoyin Scenic Spot Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 30 RMBOpening Hours: Not in Detai

Travel Tips:TipsDo be careful when visiting, as there are some dangerous area there, and make sure to go ..

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Guchaoyin Scenic Spot Introduction

Guchaoyin Cave, the rafting in the Yuyang River, the villages for holidays ect.The Guchaoyin Cave is the main spot, which is also called Xiejia Cave.
It is said that the army of Lizicheng,who was the leader of the Peasants Revolting Army in the late Ming Dynasty, were beaten in a fight against the government army, so they had to move to the southwest. When they passed the Niejiahe Town, the local nobles force, of which Xiejiaying was the head ,had a fight with the Peasants Army. But after several go-arounds, the Xiejiaying army weredefeated and ran away to the Guchaoyin Cave which was easy to defend, but hard to offend. The Peasants Army ran after to the Mt. Kuang, seeing a cave in the cliff, they found the cave was the o­ne that “if o­ne man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through”. It was so difficult to attack that they gave up anwithdrew the droops, leaving for the southwest.
About 200 years later, in 1883, in order to recall the forefather’s ruins, the ninth generation of Xiejiaying, Xiehouzhi looked for and visited the cave with his friends. Seeing the cave, they were deeply moved, so they wrote some words and odes, andlet stonemen carve them o­n the walls of the cave. They were well-preserved, so now you can still watch the vestige clearly.
The Guchaoyin Cave is a big calcareous water-eroded cave which is about 530 million years old.Divided into two parts, the cave stacks up o­ne after another, links o­ne by o­ne, and connects with each other. No o­ne knows its deepth. In the upper cave, there is a giant pillar about 29 meters high and 37.8 meters around, which is the biggest o­ne in China national caves. o­n the walls in the cave, all shapes of stalactites are hanging. Some look as if they were mountains and waters, some seem to be decorated with exotic flowers, some appear as if they were umbrellas, some are like beautiful ladies, some are like lovely animals; They look ever changing and colorful by the blaze of shining lights. It’s a real feast for the eyes.
Yichang is in a sub-tropical monsoon zone with four distinct seasons. It enjoys abundant sunshine and rainfall, and the average annual temperature is around 17 C . June and July are the hottest months as well as the rainy season. Winter here is a bit cold - the best seasons for visiting are spring.

Guchaoyin Scenic Spot Features

The Guchaoyin Scenic Spot is situated in the Niejiahe Town of Yidu, which consists of the Apart from the stalactites, the cave also boasts the other four attractive sights.The first o­ne is the rare glass fish. This kind of fish is pink, small, exquisite and transparent as glass. According to the analyse of the experts, owing to living in the dark cave for long, and the mineral substances in the water, the fish get sparkling and crystal-clear.
The second is that there are a lot of clouds and mists in the cave. Especially in summer and autumn, you will see them slowly wreathe outwards. It’s really a paradise.
The third is the sound of the water like that of the tide. Because the waters of the two parts of the cave connects together, with a total drop of 50 meters, additionally, the current is rapid, the sound of the water in the cave like a crush of thunder or the tide’s rushing to the beach.
The last is an iron ladder connecting the upper and lower parts. In the lower, you can travel by boat and go through the biggest underground steel corridor in the Three Gorges Region to enjoy the underground natural landscape paintings.
In general, when you feel tired in the modern cities, please come here. The green waters, grand mountains, the magnetic idyllic sights and the friendly local people will give you a fresh experience, and let you relax and be happy.

Guchaoyin Scenic Spot Tickets

Guchaoyin Scenic Spot Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 30 RMB
Opening Hours: Not in Detail

Guchaoyin Scenic Spot Transporation

Self-Drive: Start from Yichang, drive through Yangtze bridge, go along Yalai Province for 40km, enter into Yuyangguan Town, then drive along Yuyang bank of Qingjiang branch for 3km.

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