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Three Gorges Project

Introduction: IntroductionAs the largest and greatest hydropower project in the world, the Three Gorges achie..

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Three Gorges Project Introduction

As the largest and greatest hydropower project in the world, the Three Gorges achieved many world records. The Three Gorges Project has the ship docks with the most stages and the highest total head in inland rivers. It also has the most complex and largest scale ship elevators. After the 26 unit generators are put into successive production, the total installed capacities will reach 18.2 million kW. It will be the greatest hydropower station in the world.
The Three Gorges Project lies at the Zhongbao Island in Sandouping County, Yichang City, which is about 38km from the Gezhouba Project in the lower position. It will take 17 years to complete the Yangtze Three Gorge Project and 203.9bil RMB are expected to be invested.
When the project is completed finally, the normal water level of the reservoir will reach 175m. The holding capacity for flood control is 22.15bil cubic meters. The total holding capacity is 39.3bil cubic meters. It can take full advantages of its key function in flood control of middle and lower positions of the Yangtze River. The capacity for flood control at the Jingjiang Dike has been raised from the o­nce-in-10-year standard to o­nce-in-100-year. With its biggest benefit being flood control, the Three Gorges Project will definitely improve the shipping conditions of the Yangtze River along the 660km course from Yichang to Chongqing. It will bring many benefits including flood control, hydropower generation, shipping improvement, breed aquatics, tourism, ecological protection, environment protection, redistribution of water, and irrigation supply. So far, no other jumbo hydropower station in the world is comparable to the Three Gorges Project.
Yichang is in a sub-tropical monsoon zone with four distinct seasons. It enjoys abundant sunshine and rainfall, and the average annual temperature is around 17 C. June and July are the hottest months as well as the rainy season. Winter here is a bit cold - the best seasons for visiting are spring.

Three Gorges Project Features

It covers 15.28 square kilometers and has five scenic spots readily available to the tourists at present.
It has gradually formed the embryonic form of the traveling system, including: the dam sightseeing, Pinghu sightseeing, the flood discharge sightseeing, and the top of dam sightseeing.
Tanziling Tourism Area is among the first national tourism area of high grade, and also the earliest developed o­ne in Three Gorges Dam District. It got its name because the shape of its sightseeing platform o­n top is like an inversed earthen jar. The place where his tourism area locates is the dam construction survey spot, with an altitude of 262.48 meters, is the best position for watching the whole scene of Three Gorges Project, where you can not o­nly enjoy grand and magnificent Three Gorges Dam, but also watch the steeply rising "No.4 canyon of the Yangtze River" with bidirectional sluice of five levels.
The whole area is divided into three floors from the top to the bottom according to the gradual increase of the height, mainly including model exhibition hall, the ten-thousand-year stones in the river plinth, the cut-off stone of the big river dam, the cornerstone of Three Gorges Dam, the silver-version book from heaven and Tanziling scenery-watching platform, as well as grand spring, beautiful waterfall, winding brook and green lawn passing through.
185-scenery-watching spot is located in the left entrance of the road in the top of Three Gorges Dam, which got its name due to the same height with the top of it, namely, an altitude of 185 meters.
Jinba scenery-watching spot is located in the front of generating set factory building in the left bank of the dam, which is the beautiful scenery spot to watch the dam and flood charge with a closer distance.

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Three Gorges Project Fee and Opening Hours
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Three Gorges Project Transporation

1.Take bus NO. 3、4、9、21、100 to Big Three Gorges international travel club o­n Dongshan Road, which is opposite to Pinghu Hotel, and then take travel bus to the destination.
2. You can take bus NO. 4、10、21、100、101 to Yemingzhu bus station in Yichang city proper, then take No. 8 bus to Dam District. You can take the cycly-bus to have a sightseeing the Dam.
3.Self-Drive Travelling: Drive through Hanyi high-speed Road to the fee station at Dongshan area, enter into special road in the scene area, take some procedures, which allow you to enter the area, and there will free guide for you. And drive to Dam District, You can take the cycly-bus to have a sightseeing the Dam.

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