Chaibuxi National Forest Park

Chaibuxi National Forest Park

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Chaibuxi National Forest Park

Introduction: IntroductionChaibuxi is a typical grand canyon, which has an area of 60 square kilometers. It ..

Tickets:Chaibuxi National Forest Park Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 80RMB, and 120RMB for DriftingOpe..

Travel Tips:Tips1. Do wear vest, helmet, shoes special for drifting, keep safe and take care of your..

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Chaibuxi National Forest Park Introduction

Chaibuxi is a typical grand canyon, which has an area of 60 square kilometers. It stretches from the east to the west about 30 kilometers long and it is 1 to 3 kilometers wide. In 1996, it was ratified as o­ne of the China National Forest Parks. Due to the endless geological movements, the mountains here took all kinds of strange shapes delighting tourist from home and abroad. Local people describe it as “Miles of deep gorge of Chaibuxi, thousands of strange peaks the land of paradise ”.
The Park includes four scenery areas: Tanzikou, Dawankou, Jiaokou and Duanshankou, together with a Neikou Bio-Reserve. You can visit about 120 spots through 3 main tour routes and enjoy many beautiful legends from local people.
The charm of Chaibuxi lies in the gorges, stone forests, cliffs and bluffs, clear waters and flourishing forests. The wonderland is famous for its primitive, steep, magic and delicate scenery.
Yichang is in a sub-tropical monsoon zone with four distinct seasons. It enjoys abundant sunshine and rainfall, and the average annual temperature is around 17 C. June and July are the hottest months as well as the rainy season. Winter here is a bit cold - the best seasons for visiting are spring.

Chaibuxi National Forest Park Features

The most attractive o­ne is the stone forest. The rocks stand in great numbers, some like little boys, some like lovely ladies, some like animals, all of which are in different poses and expressions, some jumping, some sitting, some gathering, some scattering. It’s a real enchanting view. So the local people named them beautifully, such as “ the fairy boy presents flowers ”, “ General’s Rock”, “ Heaven sword ”, “Guanyin sitting o­n the lotus ”, “Lovers Dating ” and so o­n. But the most distinctive o­ne is the Magic Pen Peak in Dawankou. It looks like a giant brush pen standing there for thousands of years. Rambling among these mountains, the sheer peaks will give you an infinite visual imagines.
The second unique o­nes are the dangerous cliffs and bluffs. There are five steepest cliffs whose stone steps are highly hanging. Because the road to the top of Tizikou cliff is too straight and perilous, it’s called “ the ladder up to the sky ”. When you walk through the extremely narrow road, don’t look down to the foot, otherwise, you’ll be scared not to go ahead by the deep abyss under your feet.
The third wonderful o­ne is the wild ancient valley. Entering Dujiabao at the foot of valley, you’ll be fascinated by its primitive, natural and idyllic beauty. Watching the small bridges, ancient Tujia houses, flowing waters, old trees and flowers, listening to the birds singing, the endless relax and happiness will make you forget everything outside.
The virgin forest is the fourth wonder. Walking deep into the forest, you can feast your eyes o­n the vivid and lively picture of towering trees, twining vines, chirping birds and blooming flowers. You can see many rare and precious species, including monkey, civet cat, leopard, golden vulture , golden pheasant, antelope. Precious Chinese medicinal herbs are found everywhere. Here also live many treasured plants, such as sawtooth oak, ginkgo, fir, and dove tree--- the living fossil.
Chaibuxi is the inhabit region of the Tujia Minority. Here, you’ll see the folk footed houses, the traditional woven fabrics Xilan Kapu, ancient Crying Wedding, Dancing Funeral, Southern Melody, Hall Opera, and so o­n.
Generally speaking, the whole Chaibuxi seems to be a green labyrinth and fabulous fairyland. It’s really worth watching.

Chaibuxi National Forest Park Tickets

Chaibuxi National Forest Park Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 80RMB, and 120RMB for Drifting
Opening Hours: Not in Detail

Chaibuxi National Forest Park Transporation

1)Start at Yichang bus station to Wufeng autonomous county. The bus starts every half hour.
2)There are cars direct to Chaibuxi National Park at Jiumatou bus station.

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