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Jade Spring Temple

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Jade Spring Temple

Introduction: IntroductionYuquan Temple is located at Yuquan Mountain, which is 15 kilometers away from Dangy..

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Jade Spring Temple Introduction

Yuquan Temple is located at Yuquan Mountain, which is 15 kilometers away from Dangyang County in Yichang City HuBei province. Also called Duinan Mountain or Fuchuan Mountain, Yuquan Mountain is 400 meters high. It is known for its species of ancient pines and cypresses, rare plants, secluded valleys, crystal clear springs, and wriggly streams. The world famous ancient monastery –Yuquan Temple is located at the foot of Yuquan Mountain.
As the first Buddhism temple in HuBei province, Yuquan Temple has a very long history. As early as in Donghan Dynasty, Pujing Monk began to build thatch huts to practice Buddhism in 218 (the 22nd year of the Jian’an reign). In the Kaihuang reign, Sui Dynasty, the originator of Tian Tai clan of Buddhism, Renzhi Monk formally built Yuquan Temple. In Song Dynasty, the Mingsu Queen extended the temple. And it reached its present scale and had its prosperous time. In 1983, Yuquan Temple was determined as the key Buddhism temple in China by State Council.
Through the ages, hundreds of eminent monks lived in Yuquan Temple. And thousands of poets traveled Yuquan Temple for its beautiful sight. They left many immortal poems and historical sites for us.
Yichang is in a sub-tropical monsoon zone with four distinct seasons. It enjoys abundant sunshine and rainfall, and the average annual temperature is around 13.1---18 C. June and July are the hottest months as well as the rainy season. Winter here is a bit cold - the best seasons for visiting are spring, late summer and early autumn.

Jade Spring Temple Features

Lengjin Iron Tower It is the tower in the front of the temple to guard the mountain. It was made of pig iron in 1061. The body is firm and lofty.
Daxiong Hall Daxiong Hall, the main building in Yuquan Temple, built in Ming Dynasty. It is the hall for the worship of Sakyamuni. What’s more, there are more than twenty cultural relics ranging from Sui Dynasty to Qing Dynasty.
Pearl Bridge Pearl Bridge is in the front of Xianlie Temple. Under the bridge, there is a clear spring flowing through the years. Because of the effect of natural gas from the earth, the spring wells up some blisters from the bottom sometimes, just like a string of pearls. Accordingly, the bridge is called Pearl Bridge.
Golden Glow Cave It is a natural limestone cave o­n the mountain at the back of the temple. There are thousands of stalactites hanging in the cave, which are dissimilar in shapes and forms. And the wall of the cave will shine golden by the sunlight in the morning or evening. As the result, it gains the name of Golden Glow Cave.
Besides those natural landscapes, the story about Guanyu in the famous Chinese classical literature work “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” gives some mythical color to Yuquan Temple and Yuquan Mountain.
In nowadays, because of the protection and development of the local government, Yuquan Temple becomes a wonderful place for all the tourist to enjoy the natural and humanities landscapes.

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Jade Spring Temple Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: Not in Detail
Opening Hours: Not in Detail

Jade Spring Temple Transporation

Take bus to Dangyang in the city, and get off at Changbanpo.

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