Xiangxiyuan Scenic Area

Xiangxiyuan Scenic Area

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Xiangxiyuan Scenic Area

Introduction: IntroductionXiangxiyuan Scenic Area is located at the southeast of Shennongjia, with a total ar..

Tickets:Xiangxiyuan Scenic Area fee and opening hoursadmission: 30yuanopening hours:  unkno

Travel Tips:Tips:1. You'd better tour with your companies.2. Pay attention in some dangerous

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Xiangxiyuan Scenic Area Introduction

Xiangxiyuan Scenic Area is located at the southeast of Shennongjia, with a total area for about 498.29Km2. It is an ecological cultural tour area taking Shennong culture as intension, concentrating showing Shennong primogenitor performance and merits as the characteristics, relying o­n the rare ancient tree resource and primitive but simple tour town in Shennongjia and giving prominence to seeking roots as the theme. It is the core area of Shuangshen Line of Three-Gorges, main spots: Xiangxiyuan, Dragon Capitulating Pond, Shennong Altar, Thousand Year Fir King, bonfire field, Butterfly Hall, Stone Man Passing Slot, Laojunshan Primitive Forest, Motianling, Jiuhuping Tour Skee Field, Muyu Tour and Vocation Area(provincial level). The uniquely attractive Shennongjia culture like a bottle of ancient wine fragrant for thousands of miles away, where everyone is willing to go, which is regarded as the rare mountainous culture aphere and primitive ecological cultural community zone of mountains in Asia.

Xiangxiyuan Scenic Area Features

Xiangxiyuan, which is the source land of Xiangxiyuan River—a tributary of Yantze River, is also a famous attraction in Shennongjia. The clear Xiangxiyuan goes through Muyu, Xingshan, Zigui for 91 kilometers and empties into Yantze River. Xiangxi River is well-known because it had fostered Quyuan(one of the world ‘ four culture persons’) and Wang Zhaojun(one of the ‘ four beauties’ in ancient China). According to Xingshan County Record, Zhaojun lived near the river and often washed her hands in the river, and therefore the river became fragant. The river was named Xiangxi because of her fragrance, the clearness and muddy water alternated with each other, and much vanilla is growing o­n the bank. Luyu, Tea Saint in Tang Dynasty, o­nce listed the river as the fourteenth spring in China. Xiangxiyuan Attraction provide many kinds of tour items for visitors, such as, receiving hydrotherapy, enjoying the tea in the tea house, camping , exploring primitive forest , looking for ‘uncivilized men’ and the Golden Monkey and their resting place.

Xiangxiyuan Scenic Area Tickets

Xiangxiyuan Scenic Area fee and opening hours
admission: 30yuan
opening hours:  unknown

Xiangxiyuan Scenic Area Transporation

route:  Yichang-Xingshan- Muyu town

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