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Introduction: IntroductionHongping Gallery is located in Shennongjia nature protection area of Hubei Province...

Tickets:Hongping Gallery fee and opening hoursadmission: less than 20 yuanopening hours: no inform

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Hongping Gallery Introduction

Hongping Gallery is located in Shennongjia nature protection area of Hubei Province. Shennongjia is south of Tianmenya. Hongping Natural Gallery is a small valley area with the length of 15 kilometers; the long valley sided by crags and peaks o­n both sides. It was praised as a natural gallery with pictures o­n every step. There are countless of wild flowers dotted around the waterfalls, pools, caves and streams and beautiful scenes that attracted many famous artists, hence the name “Hongping Gallery”.
Shengnongjia scenic area belongs to the transition area of  the north subtropic and middle subtropic. The average annual temperature is 7.9℃, the highest is 36.4℃, and the lowest is -17.7℃.  Besides, every June and April are the rain season, the yearly rainfall can reach to 1440mm. Because of the complicated landform and abundant rainfall, the thick cloud and mist often gives you mysterious feeling.

Hongping Gallery Features

 This place comprised of o­ne river, two brooks, three waterfalls, four bridges, five deep pools, six caves, seven towers, eight strongholds, nine stones and 36 peaks, mutually complementing each other where the layout is compact and is interesting in the sense of seemingly moving and changing sceneries. The scenic spots here comprised of o­ne wonderful, two strange, three dangerous and four elegant. "Wonderful" refers to the high peaks standing; "strange" refers to the cave stones’ strangeness. “Danger" refers to the stronghold and range that is dangerous. "Elegant" refers to the river, waterfall and bridge built together.

Hongping Gallery Tickets

Hongping Gallery fee and opening hours
admission: less than 20 yuan
opening hours: no information

Hongping Gallery Transporation

In Shennognjia, road is the leading transportation. In forest area, there are arteries, such as 209 national road, provincial road between Baiguoshu and Honghuaduo, road between Jiuhuping and Jiuhuqu. The road with the total length of 1300 kilometers almost extends to every corner of the whole area and forms a traffic net with several cities, or counties such as Xiangfan, Shiyan, Yichang, Xingshan, Badong.
In Shennongjia Area, you can enjoy convenient transportation. Each regular bus is available before 7:30 a.m, which goes through all scenic spots of Shengnongjia.  o­nce missed, you can also spend about 200 Yuan renting a station wagon for a day.

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