Bamboo Sea Scenic Area

Bamboo Sea Scenic Area

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Bamboo Sea Scenic Area

Introduction: IntroductionBamboo Sea Scenic Area in Yixing is located in the boundary of Su, Zhe and Wan Pr..

Tickets:Bamboo Sea Scenic Area fee and opening hoursAdmission 60yuan/adult, 30yuan/childOpeninghours no..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please pay attention to climb mountain or walking in resort. 2.Please pay attention to ..

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Bamboo Sea Scenic Area Introduction

Bamboo Sea Scenic Area in Yixing is located in the boundary of Su, Zhe and Wan Province, which is a national 4A level Tourism Area, National Scenic Resort, Provincial-level Forest Park, Eighteen Sights of Traveling Wuxi, and o­ne of the Ten Scenic Spots of Yixing. Bamboo Sea in Yixing is an integrated tourism resort which blend landscape culture of natural ecology, religion culture of Jizhao Temple, solution calve culture of Qingfeng Cave, bamboo cultural of Bamboo Seed Garden and local flavor culture of the capital of pottery into a unity.
Yixing belongs to northern subtropical belt monsoonal climate zone, which is a temperate and humid climate, abundant rainfall, the annual average temperature is 17.5℃, and a clear-cut four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter has itself features. The beautiful scenery can be visited in four seasons, but the golden time for tourism is April to October in each year.

Bamboo Sea Scenic Area Features

In the scenic area, mountain is green, water is elegant and in the four seasons the interest is natural. The main scenic spots include “The First Fountain of Taihu Lake”, “The First Peak of Sunan”, “Family Letter Reporting All is Well”, “Beautiful Scenery of Mirror Lake”, “Rope Bridge Rise Wave”, “Waterfall in Bamboo Forest”, “Jade Porch” and “Viaduct Hang in Air” and so o­n. They own magnificent vigor, or tranquil and deep, or twist and misted with unique character. Bamboo Sea Scenic Area is reputed a natural oxygen bar, and which is a best place of shooting film or TV. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and White Dragon etc. excellent cinematographic and television works were shoot in here.

Bamboo Sea Scenic Area Tickets

Bamboo Sea Scenic Area fee and opening hours
Admission 60yuan/adult, 30yuan/child
Openinghours no information

Bamboo Sea Scenic Area Transporation

Take tour bus line 1 in downtown to scenic area, a shift is every other 20 minutes from 5:40 to 17:30; or take bus 49, and a shift is every other 5 minutes from downtown to Hufu, and there are buses from Hufu to scenic area, a shift is every other 10 minutes.

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