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Shantang Street

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Shantang Street

Introduction: IntroductionShantang street, the heavenly downtown street in Suzhou, has a long highstory of m..

Tickets:Shantang street fee and opening hoursFree for visiting street. Ticket set 45yuan including Yuh..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please comply with the local rule of law. 2.Please keep the environment and do not leav..

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Shantang Street Introduction

Shantang street, the heavenly downtown street in Suzhou, has a long highstory of more than 1700 years, JuyiBai was the founder of Shantang. Many people in different dynasties have lived there, so there are many ancient houses and historical legacy in this street. Time flies to 21 century, 1700 year history and culture accumulate in Shantang.The Shantang Street in Suzhou attracts many tourists from home and abroad. Most of them prefer traveling along the canal, enjoying beautiful scenery. 
Suzhou falls within north subtropical monsoonal climate zone with abundant rainfall, clear seasons and temperate and humid climate. The four seasons are suitable for travel, especially from April to October.

Shantang Street Features

In Suzhou, Shangtang street is worthy place to go the two elderly (one is 1100years old,the other is more than 800 years old )have their respective brilliant past. shangtang street is o­ne of the most oldest street in know,it was built at A.D.825 in The Tang Dynasty,the great poet BaiJuYi who was appointed be a magistrate in suzhou found the riverway was silted up.He led the digging movement.After afew years hard working,the shantang river was complete  and shantang street is built alongshore.

Shantang Street Tickets

Shantang street fee and opening hours
Free for visiting street. Ticket set 45yuan including Yuhang hall, Quanzhou hall, Shaoxing Hall, Ancient stage, Shantang hall ect
25yuan/boating 45mins
Opening hours 8:30-17:00

Shantang Street Transporation

To Huxiu and Hupi bridge: bus 946, tour bus 1,2. to Bantang bridge bus 6、10、40、317、324、529、.to Guangji bridge bus7、34、54、64、70、161、204、304、311、406、415、501、522、622、921

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