Suzhou Amusement Park

Suzhou Amusement Park

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Suzhou Amusement Park

Introduction: IntroductionSuzhou Amusement Park is located in the center of High New District, foot of Lion ..

Tickets:Suzhou Amusement Park fee and opening hoursAdmission:Ticket for the adults: ¥60 per personTic..

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please comply with the local rule of law. 2.Please keep the environment and do not leav..

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Suzhou Amusement Park Introduction

Suzhou Amusement Park is located in the center of High New District, foot of Lion Mountain, covering an area of 540 thousand square meters. The gardens, temples, and classical culture, the perfect interlude might just be an afternoon of fun at China's best amusement park, the Suzhou Amusement Land. Locally known as "China's Disney World," the park was built o­nly a few years ago, and is modeled o­n leading Western amusement parks. The park also boasts two international standard steel frame roller coasters - o­ne even with an inverted ride.
Suzhou falls within north subtropical monsoonal climate zone with abundant rainfall, clear seasons and temperate and humid climate. The four seasons are suitable for travel, especially from April to October.

Suzhou Amusement Park Features

The park also includes a large water park, complete with wave pools, rafting, a tangle of water slides of all types - all making it a modern amusement paradise combing the modern high technology equipment, the scenery of European and American Towns and the charming scenery. Suzhou Amusement Land increased the ejection of high up in the air, lift roller coaster, the Hawaii huge wave and other newest amusement facilities, making it more splendid and superb and the visitors forget the leaving.

Suzhou Amusement Park Tickets

Suzhou Amusement Park fee and opening hours
Ticket for the adults: ¥60 per person
Ticket for the children: ¥30 per person(less than 1,4 meters high)
Ticket for the seniors: ¥30 per person
Ticket for the university students: ¥40 per person
The trainset: for free for the adults and children, it stops o­n Sudi Station, Future World Station and Scottish Manor Station.
Battery Truck: ¥10 per adult, ¥5 per person., the guiders are explaining the amusement programs to the boarding visitors. The charted car is ¥50 per truck.
Over World Feeing Programs:
Depositing: ¥5 per item, drifting river: ¥5 for half an hour, the depositing ticket of dressing box is ¥2.
Opening hours:
The happy world is open the full year, the business hour is 09:00-17:30
The Over water World is open from the first of July to thirty-first of August, the business hour is 09:00-21:00.

Suzhou Amusement Park Transporation

The railway station: take the tourist bus 3、 324、33、38、317.
The north bus station: take bus 324.
The south bus station: take bus 42.
The price of taking taxi is about 25 RMB from the center of the city, 35 RMB from the railway station. It is the parking lot in the two sides of the main gate, the price of big car is 10 RMB, the price of small car is 5 RMB.

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