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Introduction: IntroductionBeigu Hill is located in the northeastern part of Zhenjiang of Jiangsu province. Th..

Tickets:Beigu Hill fee and opening hoursAdmission 40 yuanOpening hours: no information

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Beigu Hill Introduction

Beigu Hill is located in the northeastern part of Zhenjiang of Jiangsu province. The hill lies o­n the bank of the Yangtze River. Emperor Wudi of the Liang Kingdom in the Southern Dynasty (420-584 AD) entitled the place as "The First Hill of the Empire" for its unique cliffs. The whole hill has three peaks, the front, the middle and the rear. The last is the best for its scenic beauty. There are many historical sites dated back to the Three Kingdoms period (25-280 AD), including the Sweet Dew Monastery (Ganlu Si) standing o­n the top of the hill and the Soaring Clouds Pavilion (Xiangyun Ting). This pavilion is at the top of the hill, and it is an excellent place to sit in the shade and admire the wonderful views of the river below.
Zhenjiang situated in the north part of subtropical zone with the monsoon climate; frost-free of 23.7 days, average sunlight of 2057.2 hours, frog period of 20 days. The annul average of temperature is15.4℃. The best travel time is spring and autumn.

Beigu Hill Features

Beigu Hill is standing by the Yangtze River,and well known as NO.1 view of hill and river in China "from ancient times. The century-old Honey Dew Buddhism Temple is famous for the historical story "Emperor Liu Bei got married in the temple" and Emperor Sun Quan" lost both princess and troops". The Chinese patriotic poet Xin Qiji in Southern Song Dynasty about 900 years ago wrote many famous poems in the Beigu Mansion at the top of the Hill. The Beigu Hill overlooks the Yangtze River with the cliff being precipitous and steer. At the top of the Hill,everyone can feel the spectacular view of river from west to east.

Beigu Hill Tickets

Beigu Hill fee and opening hours
Admission 40 yuan
Opening hours: no information

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Bus4 from train station

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