Ming Dynasty City Wall

Ming Dynasty City Wall

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Ming Dynasty City Wall

Introduction: IntroductionNanjing City Wall, constructed during the Yuan and Ming Dynasties between 1365 and ..

Tickets:Ming Dynasty City Wall fee and opening hoursAdmission 20yuan/Zhonghua gateOpening hours 8:0

Travel Tips:Tips1. Please comply with the local rule of law.2. Please keep the environment and do no..

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Ming Dynasty City Wall Introduction

Nanjing City Wall, constructed during the Yuan and Ming Dynasties between 1365 and 1386, originally stretched over 30km which made it the longest city wall in the world.  Now, with about two thirds of the wall still intact it still remains the longest city wall in China.  It reaches all the way from the North end of Xuanwu Lake to the south-west corner of Purple Mountain.  It snakes along the edge of Qinhuai River and heads back north all the way up to Yuejiang Tower
Nanjing belongs to subtropical monsoon humid climate with abundant rainfall and distinct seasons. Its average annual temperature is 15.4 ℃, and average annual precipitation is 1106mm. It is sunny in spring, but it is rainy during the plum rain period. It is hot in summer and called the “three furnace” with Wuhan and Chongqing. It is dry and cool in autumn, cold and dry in winter. Nanjing has short spring and autumn, long winter and summer, the temperature differences between winter and summer is great. Every season has its own characteristics and all of them are good travel times.

Ming Dynasty City Wall Features

Zhonghua Men is the most famous and most fortified gate of the wall.  It was constructed with 1000kg vertically sliding doors and contained 27 vaults that could hold thousands of soldiers.  The idea was that if an enemy entered, the doors could be slammed shut. The enemy, trapped inside, would then be ambushed by soldiers inside. Enemy armies avoided this super-fortified gate in favour of attacking Nanjing via weaker points along the wall. Zhonghua Men fortress is located across the bridge from Yuhua Lu and about 500 meters east of Zhongshan Nan Lu.  There are several buses that stop within view of this gate. For 20 yuan you can climb up to the top of this fortress to get a good view of the city near Qinhuai river.

Ming Dynasty City Wall Tickets

Ming Dynasty City Wall fee and opening hours
Admission 20yuan/Zhonghua gate
Opening hours 8:00-21:00

Ming Dynasty City Wall Transporation

Tour bus 4、2、16、26、33、49、88、101、102、105、106、305
Subway line1

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