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Mulan Hill

Introduction: IntroductionMulan Hill, located at the east of Xian He river, which is 30 kilometers away from..

Tickets:Mulan Hill Fee and Opening HoursTickets: Region pilgrimage areas: RMB30 yuan, Mulan maze..

Travel Tips:Tips1. Wuhan is a famous hot place, it is very hot in summer, and there’s o­nly minor t..

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Mulan Hill Introduction

Mulan Hill, located at the east of Xian He river, which is 30 kilometers away from Huangpi District, and 70 kilometers away from Wuhan, the area of 36 square kilometers, 581 meters above sea level, which is o­ne of the peak mountain in souther Dabie Mountain, it was said it was the hometown of women hero Mulan, and is also the pilgrims place of historical Buddhism and Taoism.

Mulan Hill with steep cliffs and strange stones, the green trees and cool weather, the annual average temperature is 16 degrees, it’s the famous summer resort for the "stove" Wuhan, the temperature is about 3 or 4 degrees lower than Wuhan. There are not o­nly beautiful natural scenery of the mountains, but also many human landscape, Yuhuang Pavilion, Nan Tian Gate, Mulan Hall, the emperor's palace, and so o­n are all famous ancient buildings, the building used "Mulan style build" construction, layer of the stones repeat another layer without mud, formed a unique architectural style which reflects the ancient Chinese people's outstanding wisdow.

Mulan Hill Features

Mulan Hill temples, started in Sui dynasty, prevailed in Tang dynasty, and flourished in the Ming dynasty. There had been 7 palaces, 8 temples and 36 halls and thousands of ancient Buddha, The characteristics of Mulan Hill religious buildings are: first, "Buddha in the proper way, in Dover Road", the Buddhist and Taoist building integrated; second, paid attention to the temple construction, wither stones layer repeated to other layer without mud.
Guzhai District: located o­n the 582 meters above sea level, the total length of 2.5 kilometers. Founded in the first year of Southern Song Dynasty (1259), at first, it was for the fire signal towers, Qing dynasty Xianfeng (1853) for the anti-peace forces and repaired the cannon floor, is a veritable used for military defense of Guzhai. Since then, with the prevalence of religious activities, there were many magical colors of the construction sites. There were Yitian gate, Nantian Gate, Mulan mill, Er’tian Gate, Santian Gate, Jinding Mill, Emperor’s Hill, Emperor’s Hole, and other major attractions.
Stones scenery area: the mountain with lots of stones with different shape, coupled with the ancient folk legends, which are quite attractive. The whole stone district was formed by 1,090 stone steps and all-state varied landscape of the thread, so that visitors can view the armor face, human face stone, Fengguan stone, Jinchan stone, chessboard stone, Prince holes, and other attractions.
Garden District: there are ancient hero slope, Crystal Palace, 9 monument, three eyes springs and other attractions.
Hill District: water dripping cliff, dragon head stone, double dragon booth, sword-wall stone and other attractions, nearly 20 summer resorts.

Mulan Hill Tickets

Mulan Hill Fee and Opening Hours
Tickets: Region pilgrimage areas: RMB30 yuan, Mulan maze scenic area: RMB5 yuan, wind tunnel: RMB5 yuan, rock area: RMB10 yuan, ropeway: RMB35 yuan

Mulan Hill Transporation

Take no.1 special bus line from Wuhan passenger transport port: RMB16 each; or take the bus from Wuhan to Huangpo, the bus transfer from 7:50 am at Hankou Xinhua Road: RMB13 yuan per person, then shift to Mulan Hill by local bus, RMB5 yuan per person.

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