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Tuisi Garden

Introduction: IntroductionTuisi Garden is located in Tongli Town, Wujiang City and 18 kilometers from Suzhou..

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Travel Tips:TipsSuggestion travel time: Tongli is the typical water town in the south of Yangtze River wit..

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Tuisi Garden Introduction

Tuisi Garden is located in Tongli Town, Wujiang City and 18 kilometers from Suzhou Old City. The main buildings are divided into east and west parts. The western part of the garden is the residential quarter, including a sitting hall, a tea hall and the main hall. The eastern part is the scenic area consists of the exterior and interior gardens, stretching from west to east. In the interior garden, the pavilions, terraces, winding causeways, corridors and rockeries all surround ponds, giving people the illusion of floating o­n the water.

Tuisi Garden Features

Therefore the garden is also known as Tieshui Yuan. The garden is shaded by lush elegant trees and embroidered with various bonsais and flowers. The layout of Tuisi Garden is particular, small and exquisite, the pavilion and platform set off each other. It has pavilions, platforms, buildings, towers, corridors, bridges and halls and so o­n. It is centered by the pool; the buildings are like floating above water

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Tuisi Garden Transporation

Take midibus at Suzhou south bus station or Wuzhong bus station to Tongli, about o­ne hour’s distance, the price is 6 yuan.

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