Jingyang Canyon

Jingyang Canyon

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Jingyang Canyon

Introduction: IntroductionJingyang canyon is located in the Jingyang town of Jianshi county, Enshi Autonome...

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Travel Tips:Tips1. Wear the sport shoes when touring, because there are several mountians.2. Avoid the ra..

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Jingyang Canyon Introduction

Jingyang canyon is located in the Jingyang town of Jianshi county, Enshi Autonome. It’s called “Qingjiang Gallery” because of the spectacular scenery. Qingjiang runs through the Jingyang town, with an iron-rope bridge above it. In the north of Qingjiang, there are “Fenghuang Zhangchi”, “Wuzhong Shiren”, “Juebi Yidao”, “Jingyang Pass”, “Jingyang hot spring” and the other scenic spots. In the south of Qingjiang, attractions are “Wuhua Muai”, Xinglong Gusha”, Shuangshi Qingtian”, “Longwang waterfall”, “Tusi village”, “Shuangtudi”, “General rock”, “Chaoshui Cave” and etc.

Jingyang Canyon Features

Jingyang chicken is called “Jingyang Jiujin chicken”, “Jingyang Wugu chicken”. They grow up in a special environment with no pollution, whose meat tastes fresh and delicious. You could eat at the restaurant of Jingyang town. Jingyang canyon is the most beautiful section among the whole Qingjiang river, especially the “Jingyang Pass”, “Wuhua Muai”and “Xinglong Gusha” are worth to view.

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Jingyang Canyon Fee and Opening Hours
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Jingyang Canyon Transporation

1. rent a car/bus from Enshi to Jingyang town, about 300 yuan. Then tour the Jingyang canyon by boat.
2. go to the Badong Shuibuya Dam first and then tour by boat.

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