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Mawei Island

Introduction: Introduction:Mawei Island is located in the southwest of Hailing Island, Yangjiang city, Guangd..

Tickets:Mawei Island Fee and Opening Hour:Admission Fee: not mentionOpening Hours: 07:00 to 19

Travel Tips:Tips:It is easy to perspire o­n the island, so you had better drink more water. The..

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Mawei Island Introduction

Mawei Island is located in the southwest of Hailing Island, Yangjiang city, Guangdong province. It is connected with the Jiapozhen mountain. The coastline is winding with many bays. The longest circle is 1000 meters. The island is surrounded by seas, is virtually a peninsula. o­n the island, trees are all over and give shelter to the ground.
The sea bed is even, the sea level is quiet, make it very suitable to swim. The most attractive is the evening glow in Mawei. It is in the northernmost of the island, the best position to watch sundown. When the sunset clouds fill the whole sky, many visitors use to pause to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Mawei Island Features

The water is clear and as peaceful as a mirror. The island relies o­n the Mawei hill. Walking along the path to the top, the tropical plants and many wide flowers will make you feel a strong atmosphere of Tropical Island. Standing at the peak, and look as far as possible, you will find the white wave coming like ten thousand horses gallop ahead, when they are near, suddenly turn into a tired horse, obedient and quiet. Facing the vision, you will soon be relaxed and carefree. There is an ancient fort relic, reminds people that it was o­nce the outpost of south sea.

Mawei Island Tickets

Mawei Island Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: not mention
Opening Hours: 07:00 to 19:30

Mawei Island Transporation

There are three kinds of boat to take from Hailing Island pier to Mawei Islet: 32 RMB and 5 minutes by taking a speed boat; 30 RMB and 15 minutes by taking a tourist boat and 20 RMB and 20 minutes by taking a machine boat. The last boat is schedule at 18:30.

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