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Liyuan Garden

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Liyuan Garden

Introduction: IntroductionLiyuan Garden - a bright pearl in the sea of gardens designed by Overseas Chinese..

Tickets:Liyuan Garden Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: CNY 40Opening Hours: 7:00-19:00

Travel Tips:Tips:Liyuan Garden is evergreen, tourists should guard against sunstroke.

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Liyuan Garden Introduction

Liyuan Garden - a bright pearl in the sea of gardens designed by Overseas Chinese, is the o­ne with unique architectural style which can well match the Four Famous Gardens in Guangdong.Situated at Tangkou Town, Kaiping City, anoted hometown for overseas Chinese and covering an area of about 20 acres, Liyuan Garden is a garden villa of Mr. Xie Weili, an overseas Chinese resided in the United States.
This garden was built in the early 20th century. Based o­n the Grand View Garden described in the Chinese classic, a Dream of Red Mansions, Liyuan takes in much of the Chinese traditional garden architecture and integrates it with the feature of European and American villas of its time, a successful combination of Chinese and the West. It also enjoys the reputation of being a Grand View Garden o­nly smaller in size.
Jiangmen belongs to subtropical oceanic climate. Influenced by oceanic monsoon, it’s warm and raininess, and there isn’t any snow all year round. The annual average temperature is about 22℃. April to September is flood season every year, and July to September is the period happening with increasing frequency of typhoon. The best time for traveling there is spring and autumn.

Liyuan Garden Features

Each part of the garden has a style of its own. They are separated by water or walls, but are connected by pavilion bridges and winding corridors, which can provide much food for thought for their views within the view and gardens within the garden. Moreover the couplets hung o­n the pillar and written by famous calligraphers make the garden rich in cultural connotation. Plenty of romantic and elegant clay carvings and printed murals make us feel that we are staying in a Fairyland.
The most spectacle villa is “Panli” and “Panwen”, the roof of them are “double-eave” style architecture with green glaze. The flooring and stairs are colorful Italian stones. The architecture is still splendid with exquisite craftsmanship for more than sixty years, and it’s regarded as the acme of perfection.

Liyuan Garden Tickets

Liyuan Garden Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: CNY 40
Opening Hours: 7:00-19:00

Liyuan Garden Transporation

Take coach at Kaiping Coach Terminal to Magang County, and get off at Liyuan Garden.

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