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Luofu Mountain

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Luofu Mountain

Introduction: IntroductionLuofu Mountain is also named as Dongqiao Mountain, in which qiao means firewood. T..

Tickets:Luofu Mountain Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: CNY50, ropeway CNY70Opening hours: unknow

Travel Tips:TipsPrepare a pair of gym shoes, sportwear for climbing and  hiking.

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Luofu Mountain Introduction

Luofu Mountain is also named as Dongqiao Mountain, in which qiao means firewood. There are 432 hills in various sizes, 980 and more famous springs and waterfalls, 72 stone caves and cliffs, 18 heaven fairy lands in Luofu Mountain. The mountain is grand and peculiar with peaks rising o­ne upon another. The scenery of the mountain is beautiful and the weather is congenial. It is a famous summer resort for people spending a holiday.
Luofu Mountain is a combination of Luo Mountain and Fu Mountain. About 8 million years ago, the earth’s crust of this area faulted, making the enormous body of granite is pinched and risen. After tens millions years of erosion by wind and rain, Luofu Mountain with grotesque peaks comes into being. The origin of the name is recorded in “Dong Han Dynasty Record, Junxian Description” (Jun and Xian are administrative area in ancient China. In ancient China the system of prefectures and counties is practiced, which is a system of local administration which took shape during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Qin Dynasty).
Huizhou enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate. Its weather is moderate all the year round. Without chilly winter and torrid summer, the annual average temperature is 22℃. It is an all-year-round tourist destination.

Luofu Mountain Features

Luofu Mountain is special in its high peaks and wonderful rocks. There are 400 and more hills in various size and shapes. The main peak Feiqu Peak is also named as Feiyun Peak, the altitude of which is 1,296 meters. It is the highest peak of Luofu Mountain. The name is originated from the fact that colorful clouds flying over often. Climbing up the peak and looking into the distance, o­ne can see as far as Boluo, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, Longmen, etc.
Secondly, Luofu Mountain is famous for its flying waterfalls and well-known springs. There are large amounts of springs in Luofu Mountain, which give birth to nearly o­ne thousand waterfalls naturally. The amount of waterfalls in so large that no other famous mountain in China can compete. The most famous waterfalls are Baishuidi, Huanglong Cave, Baishui Gate, Liubei Pool, etc. The spring of Luofu Mountain never drains in the whole year. It tastes sweet and fresh, winning universal praise. The three famous springs in Luofu Mountain are: Long Living Well’s spring in Chongxu Ancient Temple, Zhuxi Spring behind Baoji Temple, Niangquan Spring beside Suliao Temple. Water of Long Living Well in Chongxu Ancient Temple is recognized as high-quality drinkable natural mineral water with heavy calcium carbonic acid containing zinc.
Thirdly, Luofu Mountain is also special in its caves. There are 18 large caves and hundreds of small caves in the whole mountain. The cave here refers to those that open to the outside and o­ne can see the sky outside and there is large space inside with many fantastic relics.
Luofu Mountain not o­nly boasts beautiful hills and waters, but also legends, tales and relics. Luofu Mountain is also named as Fairy Mansion. There are many temples in the mountain, such as Jiuguan Temple, Shibashi Temple, Sanshier’an Temple, etc. Chongxuguan Ancient Temple and Yanxiang Temple are reserved very well. Since the ancient time, a lot of poets, calligraphers and heroes adored Luofu Mountain. Visitors never stop traveling here and the words to praise the mountain are so many that can not be all recorded. The main specialties are: Luofu Mountain Hundred Grass Oil, Sweet Tea, Suliao Insolated Vegetables, Liangguo Fruit, mineral water.

Luofu Mountain Tickets

Luofu Mountain Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: CNY50, ropeway CNY70
Opening hours: unknown

Luofu Mountain Transporation

There are nonstop buses from Huizhou Bus Station to Luofu Mountain, CNY18.

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