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Wanlv Lake

Introduction: IntroductionThe Wanlv Lake is located in the Dongyuan county, Heyuan city, Guangdong province...

Tickets:Wanlv Lake Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: CNY50/perOpening hours: unknown

Travel Tips:TipsWanlv Lake has already carried out the o­ne ticket policy, there open 4 scenic spots ..

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Wanlv Lake Introduction

The Wanlv Lake is located in the Dongyuan county, Heyuan city, Guangdong province. Its beautiful name—Wanlv comes from its evergreen environment all year around; however it is “the beautiful water” that is magnificent, pure, elegant, quiet and nice that makes it rare and well-known in China. And the new Feng river national forest park and Heyuan Xingang provincial Nature Preserve are recognized as “ o­ne of the three miracles of the desert belt” o­n the north tropic o­n the earth. The lake area, covering water and land area of 370 square kilometers, Green mountains of 1100 square kilometers, and 360 green islands, emerges an attractive picture setting against the backdrop of the blue sky, white cloud, rosy clouds of dawn and the setting sun.
Guangdong belongs to the subtropical zone, enjoying a subtropical monsoon climate. Its weather is moderate all the year round. Without chilly winter and torrid summer, the annual average temperature is 22℃. It is an all-year-round tourist destination.

Wanlv Lake Features

Seeing the folded ridges and peaks, splashing waterfalls and waves, listening to the soughing of wind in pines beating against seashore, appreciating the singing of birds and cicadas, enjoying the purity and quietness of the nature , you can find that Wanlv lake has presented you an illusion of human paradise and a ideal paradise of a return to nature. It is said in the classic novel “Jinghuayuan” that the flower fairy was born in a Tang family in Heyuan County. Because Wanlv Lake is the hometown of the flower fairy, people set up a human paradise again in the lake area according to the description. At present, people have developed “eight scenic spots” around Jinghua Mountain which is the best place to appreciate the lake and green scenery.

Wanlv Lake Tickets

Wanlv Lake Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: CNY50/per
Opening hours: unknown

Wanlv Lake Transporation

1.Wanlv lake scenic area wharf is o­nly 8 kilometers away from the urban district. The taxi and bus are so convenient that you can stop it as you like.
2. There are daily regular bus from Guangzhou to Heyuan, about CNY40-50/per.

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