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Red Sea Gulf

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Red Sea Gulf

Introduction: Introduction         Red Sea Wave Obstructing Penins..

Tickets:Red Sea Gulf Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 32yuan/per; driving 60yuan/per; through ticket 80..

Travel'd better take more clothes, since playing at the seaside is easy to make your ..

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Red Sea Gulf Introduction

         Red Sea Wave Obstructing Peninsula locates at 18 km east to the Shanwei urban area. It earns the reputation of "kylin's horn on eastern Yue" because of its shape. It brusting over the surface of the sea, Wave Obstructing Peninsula wards off the stromy waves from either west or east like a folding screen. As a result, no matter what the wave direction is like o­n the two sids, the scenery o­n the two sides are totally different. When the stromy wave gallop o­n o­ne side, it is calm and peaceful o­n the other side, from which is the peninula named.
       Guangdong belongs to the subtropical and tropical area, the average temperature is Spring is 20℃, Summer is 28℃, Autumn is 25℃, Winter is 12℃. There are many typhoons in summer and autumn, every April to September are the rainy seasons, with an annual average rainfall of 1500-2000mm. The Pearl River Delta is where "there is no snow in three winters and flowers blossom all year round". Speciall, spring and autumn are the best seasons for traveling.

Red Sea Gulf Features

    The  Tourism Development Zone locates at the junction of Red Sea Gulf and Jieshi Gulf.  Lakes integrate with islets, loughs, composed an unique scenery of subtropical seashore. Furthermore, there are several cultural historic sites which supply abundant  resource for traveling.

Red Sea Gulf Tickets

Red Sea Gulf Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 32yuan/per; driving 60yuan/per; through ticket 80 yuan/per
Opening hours: 6:00-21:00

Red Sea Gulf Transporation

Shanwei-Wave Obstructing Peninsula, Bus (4yuan), Taxi(40-50yuan).

The Best Hotels in Red Sea Gulf

  • Shanwei Jintai Inn Hotel

    Shanwei Jintai Inn Hotel

    Two-star or Less Shanwei Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Datang Hotel

    Datang Hotel

    Two-star or Less ShanweiUrban Price:-

    The Datang Hotel (Datang Jiudian) is a business hotel with beautiful sea views, within proximity to a supermarket and shopping mall.This Shanwei hotel houses various rooms and suites wit..

  • Gold Australian Hotel
  • Huayi Hotel

    Huayi Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Shanwei Price:-

    The elegant hotel coffee shop environment, provide a wide range of drinks.---

  • Full Genden Hotel

    Full Genden Hotel

    Three-star Shanwei Price:-

    Shanwei's Full Genden Hotel (Haifengxian Fuzhicheng Jiudian) offers 168 rooms, each of which comes equipped with its own private steam room. Other recreational facilities include 39 KTV ..

Red Sea Gulf Hotels

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