Beamless brick hall

Beamless brick hall

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Beamless brick hall

Introduction: Introduction The beamless brick hall is the second hall of Wannian temple. It is built Ming d..

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Travel Tips:Tips Cold-proof: Emei mountain has an elevation of 3099m , the temperature is very low. It i..

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Beamless brick hall Introduction

The beamless brick hall is the second hall of Wannian temple. It is built Ming dynasty, has a history of over 400 years, there have been numerous earthquakes and fires that have caused damage of different degrees to all the buildings here except the brick hall. It is built because Emperor Shengzong was coincidently celebrating his mother’s 70 th birthday .This is simply a miracle in the history of architecture.
In the temple, there is a statue of the god of Universal Benevolence mounting a white elephant. The statue, made of bronze with 7.3 meters high and 62 tons, was molded in the Song Dynasty dated back o­ne thousand years ago and really is a valuable state treasure.
It is comfortable in Emei Mountain area. The annual average temperature is 17.2℃. The rainy season falls from April to October. It is best to travel here in spring and autumn and you should not be here in rainy days. During the period from December to March, whenever there is clear sky with calm wind, after two or three o'clock in the afternoon, bending over and looking downward from the Sheshen Rock of the Golden Summit, sometimes you will find a five-colored corona floating above the clouds and your figure placed in the corona, which follows the body and never miss it. No matter how many people there are, you can o­nly see your own figure.

Beamless brick hall Features

The style of beamless brick hall is indeed quite unusual, it was designed in imitation of an Indian temple. In shape, it is round in the upper part and square in the lower part symbolizing that the heaven was round and the earth was square.
The Beamless Hall is 16 meters high and 15.7 meters long. Its walls, window alttices and arcs are all built with bricks and stones. Inside the hall a bronze statue of Samantabhadra Buddha riding o­n a white elephant is enshrined, built with bronze, 7.35 meters high and 62 tons weigh.
There are closets for enshrining God Buddha o­n the four walls inside the hall, divided into two parts, the lower part has 24 closets enshrined an iron Buddha inside them respectively, the upper part has 6 horizontal God cupboards put 307 smaller bronze Buddha statues. The smaller bronze Buddha and the iron Buddha are all worthy to appreciate, solemn, auspicious and happy.
A highlight of the temple is a bronze statue of Puxian riding an elephant, which was cast in Chengdu by a Buddhist monk named Maozhen under an imperial order during the Song Dynasty. The bronze statue has a symmetrical proportion with superior casting craftwork. It is 7.85 meters high and weighs 62 tons.
 What How such a huge objective was transported and placed o­n the mountain remains a mystery.According to the legend, if you can manage to rub the elephant's back, good luck will be cast upon you.

Beamless brick hall Tickets

Beamless brick hall fee and opening hour
Ticket : unknown
Opening hour: unknown

Beamless brick hall Transporation

Taxi: the starting price is 5 yuan.
Manpower tricycle: it is a safe, cheap, and comfortable traffic tool, the fare is about 1 to 3 yuan.

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