Double bridges clear sound

Double bridges clear sound

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Double bridges clear sound

Introduction: Introduction Double bridges clear sound is o­ne of ten traditional sights in Emei mountain..

Tickets:Double bridge clear sound  fee and opening hour Ticket : unknownOpening hour: unkn

Travel Tips:Tips Double flying bridges is the best place for taking a photo. Photograph place: about 100m ..

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Double bridges clear sound Introduction

Double bridges clear sound is o­ne of ten traditional sights in Emei mountain, the horticulturist called it a voiced poem and tridimensional picture.
There is o­ne stone bridge crossing o­n the Black Dragon River (The color of the water is dark green.) and the White Dragon River (The color of the water is ivory.) o­n each side of the gloriette. The two bridges are like a pair of wings, so a beautiful name was given to them: Double Flying Bridges. In the lower point, you can see the Black Dragon River o­n the right of the Cattle Heart Pavilion and White Dragon River o­n its left. The turbulent waters rushing against the stone play it like an instrument and create pure sound.
In spring, all the creatures are burgeoning and the whole mountain is in a fresh green coat; in summer, beautiful flowers are blooming o­ne after another in a way of competition; in autumn, the entire Mt. Emei is decorated by the red leaves which make the mountain so amazing that it is far beyond your imagination; in winter, it is covered by snow like a pure bride with white wedding dress.It is comfortable in Emei Mountain area. The annual average temperature is 17.2℃. The rainy season falls from April to October. It is best to travel here in spring and autumn and you should not be here in rainy days.

Double bridges clear sound Features

About the name of Double flying bridge the ancient book record that during the Song dynasty a great poet and monk by the name of Wei Zheng from the Jingtu Monastery in Hangzhou arrived here. He produced his fast running calligraphy, which said “Double Flying Dragons Bridge”.
The billowing waves strike the huge stone in the green pond giving out the roaring sound time and again and echoing around the surrounding valleys and woods. The water splashing in all directions like broken pieces of crystal pearls and jade and forms a series of water drops flying in the air and then drop into the pond. How amazing it is! In the night with full moon and soft wind, all is quiet and there is o­nly the melodious sound of water resounding in the air. Listening to the clear sound, your heart will be in a state of quietness and you will forget the existence of yourself, as if you had introjected with the nature and hovered in the universe.
Qingyin Pavilion and the Dragon-Gate Cavern are traditionally considered as the two wonders along the streamscenery. A oem written by Tan Zhongyue of the Qing Dynasty says,“The main pavilion produces pure sound ; like an immortal desending ,playing the zither. I stand o­n the double bridge straining to hear ; the sound ,the Ox_heart boulder being washed by the two streams.”

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Double bridge clear sound  fee and opening hour
Ticket : unknown
Opening hour: unknown

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Taxi: the starting price is 5 yuan.
Manpower tricycle: it is a safe, cheap, and comfortable traffic tool, the fare is about 1 to 3 yuan.

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