Qingjiao Ciji Palace

Qingjiao Ciji Palace

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Qingjiao Ciji Palace

Introduction: Introduction The Qingjiao Ciji Palace located o­n the Dongming Range, Qishan Mountain in Q..

Tickets:Qingjiao Ciji Palace Fee and Opening Hour Ticket : free Opening Hour: 5:30 to 19:3

Travel Tips:Tips The stytle of architecture in the palace is like a hyperbolic tail of a swallow rest in ..

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Qingjiao Ciji Palace Introduction

The Qingjiao Ciji Palace located o­n the Dongming Range, Qishan Mountain in Qingjiao Village, Haicang Tai- wan-invested Zone, Xiamen.  Qingjiao Ciji Palace, also called East Palace, was built in 1151 Sung Dynasty in honor of Wu Ben, a "Medical Saint". His disciples can be found in Southeast Asia and Fujian and Tai- wan provinces. It is well preserved, and now a cultural heritage site under state protection.
Being of a subtropical monsoon climate with mild weather all year round .It is hot in summer, as the temperature at July and Auguest is over 30℃, but it is lower 10℃ in winter. The average temperature is 21℃. Spring and autumn is the best travel season.

Qingjiao Ciji Palace Features

Ciji temples honor the Song Dynasty medicine man, Wuben, who was born in 979 A.D. just north of Xiamen. He spent his life treating people for free and gained, according to a local guidebook, "a world-wide reputation". He even cured the mother of Emperor Song Renzong , whose life was hanging by a thread - literally! Physicians were mere commoners, and forbidden to touch royalty, so Dr. Wu diagnosed her disease by feeling her pulse through o­ne end of a silk thread tied to her wrist.In 1033, Wu fell off a cliff while gathering herbs for a cure for the plague. After his death, villagers honored Dr. Wu with the title of "Medical Saint " (Yiling Zhenren), and pooled their funds to build a hall and statue in his memory. In 1161, the emperor granted the hall the title of Ciji Temple (Ciji Miao), and in 1241 it was renamed Ciji Palace (Ciji Gong). In 1999 the palace was restored to its original design, and today, thousands of pilgrims make the trek to pay homage to him.

The East Palace has solemn, mag- nificent and brilliant halls with flying- up eaves. It houses four treasures: a colorful painting of a sacred animal with phoenix head, dragon tail, turtle body and four legs; tablets with in- scriptions o­n its reconstruction from the reigns of the Qing Emperors Kangxi, Jiaqing, Xianfeng and Guangxu; In the Qingjiao Ciji Palace there is a rock in the shape of Chinese character meaning heart but the point in the middle is at the bottom; and the black-and-white painting o­n the rafters painted with the paint and in the method of Tang Yin (1470-1523), a famous talent from the Ming Dynasty. The painting is free of plague of insects.
The palace has a beautiful and quiet landscape with the Qishan Mountain o­n its back and Longqiu o­n its left. To the left of Longqiu o­n the bottom of the valley is the Longqiu Pool. The water drops down among the rocks. o­n a huge rock there are two Chinese words Long Qiu. Above the rock there is a rock with a flat top and sounds drum beats while being beaten. This rock is called Immor- tal Drum Rock.

Qingjiao Ciji Palace Tickets

Qingjiao Ciji Palace Fee and Opening Hour
Ticket : free
Opening Hour: 5:30 to 19:30

Qingjiao Ciji Palace Transporation

You can go to Qingjiao by bus 77, and then visit the Ciji Palace by motorcycle.

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