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Lingyun Mountain

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Lingyun Mountain

Introduction: Introduction The Lingyun Mountain is located at the confluence of three rivers, namely, Min Ri..

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Lingyun Mountain Introduction

The Lingyun Mountain is located at the confluence of three rivers, namely, Min River, Qingyi River, and Dadu River.As early as the Sui and Tang dynasties, the Lingyun Mountain where the Buddha is located had been a famous scenic spot and Buddhist resort. Originally called "Qingyi Mountain", it is 448 m above sea level, has a circumference of 3.5 km and occupies an area of 0.6 square kilometers. It was also called Nine-peak Mountain for its nine mountain peaks. Later it was renamed Lingyun Mountain for the Lingyun Temple constructed o­n the mountain.
There, peaks are over peaks, the mountain form is undulant and nine peaks are towering. o­n the mountain top, flowers are in full bloom throughout the four seasons and the red buildings with gaily-painted eaves are concealed in the luxuriant trees and thin and long bamboos. o­n the Danxia cliff, all kinds of Statues of Buddha, Bodhisattva and Flying Apsaras were chiseled in all ages. They are graceful and charming and full of beautiful things in eyes. Old Lingyun Temple is illustrious. It is a triply courtyard house, which is composed of Tianwang Palace, Daxiong Palace and Lection Store Building with red walls, green tiles and heavenward overhanging eaves.
It is central-Asia tropical climate in Leshan area. Season differs from each other. It has plenty of rainfall and warm during the same period. There is a long time without frost. The annual average temperature is 16.5-18.0℃. It is best to travel here in spring and autumn. Bring raincoats when you travel here in rainy season.

Lingyun Mountain Features

The Lingyun mountain has beautiful scenery and many folk legends. According the history book record , the China civilization human ancestor ---Fuxi nvwa is born in this mysterious land. It is said that the taoist Xieziran in Tang dynasty, Xuedaoguang in Song dynasty, Fengzheng, Geyou,Hubeiyuan, Zhangzheng became immortal in the mountain.
This land raises many great men, such as Central People’s Government vice-president Zhanglan, the commander in chief of Chinese People’s Liberation Army Zhude, the chief designer of the Reform and open policy Dengxiaoping, the chief of the General Staff of Chinese People’s Liberation Army. People call it as the hometown of Three chiefs .
Lingbao tower: The Lingbao Tower built in Tang Dynasty is located o­n Lingbao Peak, lofty and towering. The tower assumes a square structure with dense eaves. It is 38 meters high and totally has 13 stories, for which man can convolute upstairs to the top. o­n Xiluan Peak, Dongpo Building is sequestered and elegant and concealed in the bamboos and trees. In the building, the statue of Su Dongpo, a great eminent writer, contains both figure and spirit, chicly and forthright. The Leshan Giant Buddha is stands erect o­n Xiluan Peak of Lingyun Mountain. It has experienced more than 1200 year historically and has a stronger appeal for the visitors.
Lingyun temple : At the right back of the giant Buddha's head stands the Lingyun Temple, from which the details o­n the giant Buddha's head can be observed. Located in front of the Lingyun Temple, the Buddha is also called Lingyun Giant Buddha. Called Baoen Temple in ancient times, the Lingyun Temple is also referred to as Giant Buddha Temple. The construction of the Lingyun Temple began in the Tianbao Period of the Tang Dynasty, well before that of the Giant Buddha. The original temple was destroyed, and the present o­ne was rebuilt in the early years of the Qing Dynasty.
"Lingyun Plank Road" :Along the cliff o­n the right flank of the Giant Buddha is a 300-odd-meter nine-turn plank road, paved with 217 steps that range from a maximum width of 1.45 meters to a minimum width of 0.6 meters. o­n the left flank of the Giant Buddha is a "Lingyun Plank Road" built by people of later generations with steel-bar reinforced concrete. o­n the cliffs closer to the mountain are carved with poems and inscriptions of prominent figures.

Lingyun Mountain Tickets

Lingyun mountain fee and opening hour
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Lingyun Mountain Transporation

There are buses to Leshan from New south bus station, South railway station, Shiyangchang bus station everyday. It takes you an hour .

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