Qionglai Tiantai Mountain Scenic area

Qionglai Tiantai Mountain Scenic area

Qionglai Tiantai Mountain Scenic area Pictures Gallery

Qionglai Tiantai Mountain Scenic area

Introduction: Introduction Tiantai Mountain is located in the southwest of Qionglai City of Sichuan Province..

Tickets:Qionglai tiantai mountain scenic area fee and opening hourTicket : 50 yuan in busy season (M..

Travel Tips:Tips Because the road in the scenic area is narrow and crooked, it forbids the tour car with ..

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Qionglai Tiantai Mountain Scenic area Introduction

Tiantai Mountain is located in the southwest of Qionglai City of Sichuan Province, a part of the Qionglai Range. 110 kilometers away from Chengdu, and 45 kilometers from Qionglai, Tiantai Mountain has an area of 192 kilometers with the highest peak Yuxiao of 1812-meter altitude. As a box-like and synclinal mountain rare in our country, Tiantai Mountain is characterized by a variety of its Danxia Landforms. There are various species of plants and animals and the rate of vegetation cover is 94.4%. Among plants of 83 families and 400 species, over 20, such as the dove tree, yew and gingko, are endangered species protected by our country. Among 100 species of animals, over 50, such as giant panda, crimson-bellied tragopan, macaque, are endangered animals protected by our country.
       Tiantai Mountain boasts profound history and culture. Since ancient times, Tiantai Mountain has been the living place of the Qiong Nationality. In the enlightened times of Chongqing and Sichuan, Bieling ascended and held a memorial ceremony for heaven, In Han Dynasty, Taoists put up here and built an altar to worship god. In the Song Dynasty, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism united, and formed a union of politics and religion, when there were 108 sites of Taoist shrines, Buddhist Monasteries, and chief cabinets and religions reached its height. At present, many historical and cultural sites like the religious law court, “Government Office of Monks”, religious fair “Monk Street”, “The first Buddhist Temple” and Yongle temple, which are rare in our country, are reserved in Tiantai Mountain.
Chengdu belongs to subtropics monsoon climate. It has early spring, hot summer, cool autumn, and warm winter. The average temperature in Chengdu is 16℃. The best travel time is from March to June and from September to December.

Qionglai Tiantai Mountain Scenic area Features

Water is the soul of Tiantai Mountain. Meandering down from Tiantai Mountain, Jinlong River forms long beach, streams, waterfalls and lakes, etc. Miraculously transformed with the levity of water, a good many sceneries have opened out a Chinese landscape painting in the format of a long scroll, which can be described “In 90 miles of river, there are 800 streams, and among 2000 peaks there are 9000 marvelous stones.”
At the climax of the Ba-Shu Kingdom period, Emperor Bie Ling of the Shu Kingdom “stepped upon the platform to worship the sky” out there. Taoists channelled mountains to build altar to pay homage to gods in the Han Dynasty. With convergence of three religions i.e. Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, as many as 108 Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian temples were witnessed, earning a reputation “Town of Religions”, as a result, a saying “Tiantai Mountain discovered first, and Mt. Emei second” was spread in folks.
Rainbow Waterfall, higher than 200m and wider than 20m, descends from the Brook of Rainbow starting from Wang Junding and down to the valley in several levels. With the companion of green trees and beautiful rainbows, the waterfall looks like a charming fairy in colorful clothes, and therefore is named Rainbow Waterfall. Echoing with each other, the Waterfall of Rainbow and the Waterfall of Xiangshuitan look like a couple of lovers.
Yingding Peak
    With an elevation over 1,500m, Yingding Peak is the high-point in the center of the scenic area. It was the place where monks and Taoists in Tiantai Mountain buried their treasures in ancient times and a fortress of the Red Army. Along the course you will see spectacular scenes including plank road o­n cliff, old vines and trees, winding roots, fairy stones and the marvelous Boot Upturning Rock, flowery maple woods, mysterious Silver Pool, Red Army Trench, etc. If you are lucky enough to reach the top o­n a clear day, you will have a full view of Tiantai Mountain with Huilan Pagoda in the east, Jiajin Mountain and Xiling Jokul in the west, Long March Memorial in the north and Mengding Mountain and Bifeng Gorge in the south. 
Moon Cave Water Screen
     Sumptuous in style, water course of the Moon Cave Water Screen is salient. There is a water cave, 5m wide and 2m high, like a crescent, between peaks, in which turbulent water gusts out, bubbling up the deep valley and veiling it with misty. The water screen, with its motion, forms a circuitous slope, over 60m long, like a full moon cave or a flute, to perform pieces of symphony of water and moon together with breeze of pine, flying spring, and lotus flower wave.
 Three Enchantments of Lissom Water
     Three Enchantments of Lissom Water, located at the third-tier resort of Tiantai Mountain (containing Vanilla Cascade, Dragon Waterfall, and Moon Cave Water Screen), is famed for three landscapes of high altitude and water course, which are sometimes intermingled unvarying and lusty, sometimes ebullient and peppy, sometimes inert and vitalised, sometimes charismatic and zippy, and sometimes flamboyant and pristine. Cascade, water screen, and waterfall present you, from different perspectives, an alluring magic of Tiantai, no wonder it is deemed to be essence of Tiantai with extensive, profound, and intensive connotations.

Qionglai Tiantai Mountain Scenic area Tickets

Qionglai tiantai mountain scenic area fee and opening hour
Ticket : 50 yuan in busy season (Mar to Oct.31), 20 yuan in low busy(Nov.1 to March of the next year)
Opening hour: unknown

Qionglai Tiantai Mountain Scenic area Transporation

You can take a bus to Qionglai at Chengdu jinsha bus station, Chengdu chenbei passenger bus station, Shiyangchang center bus station. It takes you 50 minutes from Qionglai tour passenger center bus station to Tiantai mounatain. There are tour bus from Chengdu new south gate bus station to the scenic area at 8:00 and 9:30 everyday.

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