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Introduction: Introduction It is located in the southern part of Gulangyu, the Sunlight Rock (Riguangyan) i..

Tickets:Sunlight Rock Fee and Opening Hour Ticket: suit ticket 80 yuan per person (including sun..

Travel Tips:Tips The viewing platform o­n the top of Sunlight rock is small, it is crowdy in the day..

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Sunlight Rock Introduction

It is located in the southern part of Gulangyu, the Sunlight Rock (Riguangyan) is the highest point of the island, 92.68 meters above sea level.
From this vantage point you can get a bird view of the entire island through wooded foliage and over colonial rooftops, even, if you are lucky, catching a glimpse of the nearby Taiwanese Island of Jinmen. The climb up to the 40 meters wide rock is leisurely and winds through some of the nicest scenery of Gulangyu, between mansions and ancient, knarled trees.
With rocks and stones of strange shapes, natural stone caves, rubbing cliffs, verdant trees, and fragrant flowers, the scenic area give off a subtropical and romantic flavor. It has the scenic spots, such as "a piece of tile", "dragon's cave at the Egret River", "Ancient Cave of Summer Resort (Gubishu Dong)", "Dragon's Head Hill Relics", "Platform for Training Sailors (Shuicao Tai)", "one-hundred meter high platform". Generations of learners inscribed many chants in the stones, which add extraordinary charm and ancient flavor to the famed rock. Tourists can climb up the ladders to the summit so as to have a bird's-eye view of the whole landscape of Xiamen and Gulangyu Islands as well as Dadan and Xiaodan islands. Qin Garden is connected to the Crag of Sunlight through cable cars. It centers o­n modern entertainment projects, including "Aviary Garden", "Cinema"and "Hero Garden", which form a combination of dynamic and static, modern and ancient together with the natural landscape of the Crag of Sunlight. The scenic area places emphasis o­n the environmental protection. In December of 1999, it passed the ISO14001 standard and became the first national-level scenic area passing this standard in our country.
Being of a subtropical monsoon climate with mild weather all year round .It is hot in summer, as the temperature at July and Auguest is over 30℃, but it is lower 10℃ in winter. The average temperature is 21℃. Spring and autumn is the best travel season.

Sunlight Rock Features

Located in the south-central part of the island, Sunlight Rock is the island's highest point with an altitude of 92.7 meters (304 feet). Though it may not rank with high mountain peaks, it appears superb and grand when seen from afar. The name comes from a sun-shaped formation in the granite. When the sun rises, the morning light illuminates the granite in Sunlight Temple and the rocks are bathed with sunlight.
At the foot of Sunlight Rock stands the Memorial Hall of Zheng Chenggong, built in honor of the hero's feats which include expelling the Dutch colonists and re-occupying Taiwan. Wandering up the steep rock path, visitors will see many profound inscriptions left by poets, the oldest of which dates back to over 400 years. This is the main cultural sight o­n the hill. Continuing o­n, you will see the preserved training grounds of Zheng Chenggong's troops. Near the field is a huge rock bridging two cliffs, forming a natural entrance to a cave. This is called 'Old Summer Cave' (Gu Bishu Dong) where you can feel a pleasantly cool breeze. It's the perfect viewing spot to appreciate the scenery of Gulangyu Island. A fantastic panorama of Xiamen City, including Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen University, and Hulishan Battery is within view.
Standing as high as 92.7 meters above the sea level, the o­ne-hundred Meter High Platform is the highest peak of the Crag of Sunlight. Together with the round platform, it is called the o­ne-hundred Meter High Platform. Bathing in breezes, listening to waves, and looking far into the distance where water and sky are in o­ne color, you will have a joyous sense of carefree comfort and blend into the graceful and harmonious world heart and soul.
"Ancient Cave of Summer Resort (Gubishu Dong)" is a cave with great features. Stone walls o­n both sides support the vast granite rock that drops down out of the sky. It is rather dangerously steep and gives you a sense of overwhelming force. The four characters "Gubishu Dong" is inscribed by Taiwanese learner Shi Shijie of the late Qing Dynasty. The cave is bright, dry, and cool with good ventilation. Passing through the cave and then turning left, you will see a pavilion named Umbrella Pavilion. Holding up thin waist bones and taking rock as the verandah, it is for tourists to shelter from sunlight and rain. o­n the top of the rock nearby there is a stone basin for spirits to washing feet, which is filled with water all year around and there are footprints beside it.

Sunlight Rock Tickets

Sunlight Rock Fee and Opening Hour
 Ticket: suit ticket 80 yuan per person (including sunlight rock, suzhuang garden, haoyue garden etc. )
Opening Hour :7:00—20:45

Sunlight Rock Transporation

take bus 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 25 and get off at Lujiang Road, and then by a boat to the Island, and walk to the Sunlight Rock.

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