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Introduction: Introduction Hangu pass is located in Wangduo village which is 15km away from Lingbao city in..

Tickets:Hangu pass fee and opening hourTicket : 30 yuan per personOpening hour: 7:30—18:30 in summ..

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Hangu Pass Introduction

Hangu pass is located in Wangduo village which is 15km away from Lingbao city in Henan, it is 75km away from Sanmenxia city. It is in the Changan ancient road , near the Yellow river bank.
Hangu Pass (meaning Envelope Gorge Pass), initiated during the West Zhou period, is o­ne of the earliest constructed important pass in history. The name was given for it lies in a gorge and resembles the shape of an envelope in depth. Here was o­nce the ancient battlefield filled with the neigh of steeds and reputed as “If o­ne man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through.” The war drums of “Joint Forces Outside the Pass”, “Six Vassal States Attack Qin”, “Lord Guo Beat Rong Tribe” and “Xiyuan War” were sounded here. Additionally, here is also the place where Lao Zi, the ancient philosopher of China, composed Tao Te Ching.
Sanmeixia city is under semiarid continental climate of warm temperate zone. It is warm with four distinct seasons. The average temperature in January is -0.7℃ while in July it is 27℃. The best tourism seasons are Spring and Autumn.

Hangu Pass Features

The main attractions in Hangu Pass Ancient Culture Scenic Area are: Site of Pass Castle, Pass Tower, the Old Path of Hangu Pass, Well-shape Arrow, Storehouse of the Warring States Period, Site of Yin Xi’s Residence, Taichu Palace, Wangqi Stage, Jiming Stage, Hangu Assistant Tower, Hangu Tablet Cluster.
1.Site of Pass Castle: the building is not in existence now. According to the records, the shape of the pass castle is irregular rectangle, it is built with the long, round and the flat rammers. The length of the east wall is 1800m ,the west wall is 1300m, and the southern wall is 180m. The siti tallies with the record of the history book.
2.East gate pass castle: the old pass castle is not in existence now. The building we see now is rebuilt in 1992.
3.The Old Path of Hangu Pass runs cross Heng Ridge and lasts for more than 5km in the deep gorge. Cliffs at sides, “Two horses can not pass side by side, carriages can not pass steadily”. The forests hide the sky and sunshine. It is said that “If o­ne man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through.” Therefore it is a military stronghold with pivotal importance and a point of battle.
4.Well-shape Arrow Storehouse of the Warring States Period: it is located under the wall o­n the right of the Hangu east gate, it is a well-shape arrow storehouse with a diameter of 0.9m. It was built in July,1986.
5.Site of Yin Xi’s Residence: it is said that Yinxi is good at astronomy in the Spring and Autumn period. He received Laozi here.
6.Jiming stage: it is also called Tianwen stage. The story of Jiminggoudao happened here.
7.Wangqi stage: it is also called Zhanzilou. It is said this is the place where Yinxi water the sky phenomena.
8.Taichu palace: it is o­n the right of the Hangu east gate. According to the legend, Yinxi welcame Laozi to Hangu pass, saluted Laozi honestly, appealed Laozi to write books for him. Laozi wrote Daodejing here at last.
9.Hangujiafu: it is located in a valley of Meng village which is 17km away from the northern of Lingbao city, it is 2 km away from the south of Hangu pass. The shape of it is like a fortress, it is brick-wood artitecture.
10.Hangu Tablet Cluster: it is built in 1988, 100m in length, 40m width, has an area of 4000 square metres. It has 62 tablets in total.

Hangu Pass Tickets

Hangu pass fee and opening hour
Ticket : 30 yuan per person
Opening hour: 7:30—18:30 in summer, 8:00—18:00 in winter

Hangu Pass Transporation

You can go there by public bus 8 at Lingbao railway station.

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