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Yangshao culture site

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Yangshao culture site

Introduction: Introduction Yangshao culture site is located in Yangshao village which is 9 km away from the ..

Tickets:Yangshao culture site fee and opening hour Ticket : 20 yuan per personOpening hour:8:00

Travel Tips:Tips 1.In the tour process, please chrish the cultural relics, don’t damage the relics becau..

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Yangshao culture site Introduction

Yangshao culture site is located in Yangshao village which is 9 km away from the northern of Yingchi county , Sanmenxia city. It was first discovered by Anderson, a Swedish and Yuanfuli, a Chinese , in 1921. Its name is derived from the first-known Yangshao Culture site - Yangshao Village.
With an area of 300,000 sq. meters, Yangshao Village is a famous site of the New Stone Age culture in China. The cultural site is 2 meters deep, and the deepest point is 4 meters deep. From the lowest point to the earth surface the site is divided into the middle stage of Yangshao Culture, the late stage of Yangshao Culture, early stage of Longshan Culture (successor of Yangshao Culture) and the middle stage of Longshan Culture.
Large amounts of stone tools of axe, shovel, hoe, knife, and bone pricks and bone needles have been found here. The most spectacular part in Yangshao culture is the exquisite ancient painted pottery, such as the potteries of cooking vessels, pots, bowls, basins, earthen bowls, cups, urns and jars. The delicate decorative patterns o­n the pottery include those of broad bands, nets, flower leaves, fish, string and geometric patterns.
In March, 1961, Yangshao Culture Site was ratified by the Chinese State Department as a major historic and cultural site under state protection.
Sanmeixia city is under semiarid continental climate of warm temperate zone. It is warm with four distinct seasons. The average temperature in January is -0.7℃ while in July it is 27℃. The best tourism seasons are Spring and Autumn.

Yangshao culture site Features

Yangshao Culture, distributed mainly in the Henan, Shaanxi, Shanxi, southern Hebei and eastern Gansu Provinces, is a culture belonging to the late Neolithic Age. Extant from 5,000 BC to 3,000 BC, its name is derived from the first-known Yangshao Culture site - Yangshao Village in Yinchi County, Henan Province. Over a thousand Yangshao Culture sites have been found including the Banpo Site in Xian, and Jiangzhai at Lintong County, Shanxi Province. As Shanxi possesses the most Yangshao Culture sites, it is regarded as the center of this culture.
The art of pottery is o­ne of the achievements during this period. Red pottery ware including cooking vessels, bowls, cups, and jars were made by hand. Another characteristic of the pottery during this time is the painted patterns and animal lines. o­ne of the pottery masterpieces is the famous basin with a human face and fish patterns at Banpo Village in Xian, Shaanxi Province.
Yangshao Culture gives priority to agriculture; the main crops are millet and chestnuts. Fishing, hunting and collecting assisted farming to some extent. Pigs and dogs were raised as livestock. Tools were used mainly for grinding. Refined grind stone axes, shovels, millstones, arrows, and harpoons etc were commonly used. 
Villages were of different sizes. Some large o­nes were of strict layouts such as Jiangzhai Village. The village is divided into dwelling places and grave area by dikes. Five architecture groups were scattered around a center square each of which had many houses.
Humans during this period belonged to different clans. They worked collectively and allotted treasures evenly. Women played a leading role both in manufacturing and in daily life.

Yangshao culture site Tickets

Yangshao culture site fee and opening hour
Ticket : 20 yuan per person
Opening hour:8:00—17:00

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You can go to Yingchi county by coach at Sanmenxia railway station.

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