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Shiren mountain

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Shiren mountain

Introduction: Introduction Shirenshan Scenic Area, a section of the east Funiu Mountains, is located at the..

Tickets:Shiren mountain fee and opening hourTicket : 55 yuan per person, Shiren mountain giant buddha..

Travel Tips:Tips 1.Please pay attention to the environmental protection and the clean maintenance work, pr..

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Shiren mountain Introduction

Shirenshan Scenic Area, a section of the east Funiu Mountains, is located at the west of the Lushan County of Pingdingshan City. Shirenshan was o­nce named “Mount Yao” by ancient people after the Memorial Temple of Emperor Yao built by Liu Lei, a descendant of Yao, as the origin of Liu families. Yuhuangding, the peak, is 2,153.1 meters above the sea level. Composed of ten parts of fancy peaks, hot-springs, dense forests, numerous waterfalls and mysterious caves, Shirenshan scenic area is an ideal place for sightseeing, summer holidays, health-restoring, science research and adventures. It is the combination of the precipitous appeal of Huashan Mountain, the steepness of the Ermei Mountain, the beauty of Zhangjiajie and the elegance of the Huangshan Mountain.
Shirenshan Scenic Area is a marvelous collection of various sceneries, boasting of steep peaks, fancy rocks, wild flowers, red leaves, rushing waterfalls, hot springs, lakes, sea of clouds, virgin forests, rare animals and many historical sites. There are 17 waterfalls here with a fall between 60 and 200 meters besides more than 40 natural pillars and lots of other sights scattering all over the area.
Lying o­n the boundary between the subtropical zone and the warm temperate zone, Shirenshan is abundant in wildlife resources. Sights of Shirenshan in four seasons are of great beauty but in different style. When spring comes, Shirenshan is a world of twittering birds, fragrant flowers, green trees and singing streams. The autumn dyes all the woods red over the mountains. Then, the snow in winters turns them into a sea of pure white waves.
The early summer brings overdue flowers to the mountains. While the the central plain area is burning with an averages temperature of 35-38℃ in midsummer, it is o­nly 23-26℃here, cool and comfortable.

Shiren mountain Features

The most impressive sceneries are the springs, brooks, waterfalls and pools. The brooks in the Shiren Mountain are changeful with vitality. Hundreds of springs, like fairies in the mountain, flow into limpid brooks, changing into waterfalls. The water constantly dripping wears holes in stones and the holes develop into pools. There are Black Dragon Pool, White Dragon Pool, etc hiding in the valleys and forests. Among all the waterfalls, the White Dragon waterfall is most magnificent. The water directly falls from the top of the hill like a dragon flying down with the sound like a tiger roaring. At the bottom, the beads of water float gently down to the surface of the pool. In the air, the mist is mixed with clouds and water sprays.
The waters make up a painting of landscape while the stones form a poem of landscape. As the Shiren Mountain is composed of granite, its ridges become deformed because of the fissuring of granite under millions of years carving of nature. Stone peaks standing in great numbers and perilous cliffs accumulating layer upon layer characterize the scenery of granite forests. There are nearly o­ne hundred peaks with a height of 2000 meters above sea level. Looking around in the distance, the peaks hide in the clouds and smokes while a close look they have the magnificence of the palaces of the Qin and Han Dynasties. The scenic spots have various styles: the spectacular Thousand Feet Cliff, the elegant Phoenix Stage, the smooth Sister Peaks and the vigorous White Cow City.
The pine trees in the Shiren Mountain are quite unique due to special weathers and high altitude. The roots or trunks of some are complicatedly entwined together, revealing the emerald green leaves; the roots of others are extremely similar to fingers of dragons as the result of gradually breaking through the rocks; some in the distance look like certain Chinese characters while o­n the whole they form a landscape painting. Thus, they are well entitled the name of “Fancy Pines”.

Shiren mountain Tickets

Shiren mountain fee and opening hour
Ticket : 55 yuan per person, Shiren mountain giant buddha: 66 yuan per person, ropeway : 30 yuan per person (up), 25 yuan (down), 50 yuan(up and down)
Opening hour: 9:00—17:30

Shiren mountain Transporation

Shiren mountain is near the Jiaozhi railway, the national road 311, 207 pass through the scenic area, the transportation is convenient. It is 60km away from the county. There is passenger bus every 20 minutes. Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Luohe, Pingdingshan city have buses to the scenic area.

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